Options To Advise You How to Sell - We Purchase Paspaley South Sea Pearls - Tiffany & Co - Pay top Prices for all Cartier Jewellery - Immediate payment for GIA Diamonds and any Branded Jewellery.

"Luxury isn’t just about being able to purchase whatever you desire. It’s also about being able to sell as you wish with confidence."

 At Luxury Brand Jewellery we purchase Cartier love bangles and all Cartier Jewellery, Tiffany Diamond Rings, Paspaley South Sea Pearl Jewellery, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, GIA certified diamonds and all branded jewellery,   Our range of brands include timeless classics such as Tiffany & Co, Bvlgari, Cartier and more.

Sell Paspaley - Sell Tiffany - Sell Cartier - Sell GIA Diamond Ring

At LBJ, we help you look stunning regardless of budget by offering affordable access to the world’s finest luxury pieces. However, we’re not just great at helping you buy exquisite and rare pieces at affordable prices.

We at LBJ believe in providing you with equal access to buying and selling your treasures at the best prices possible. Instead of low ball offers or inflated prices, we believe in building lasting relationships with our clients by always helping you achieve the best result in any transaction. With that in mind, outlined below, we have three options designed to suit your needs when it comes to selling your jewellery.

1. Instant Cash Purchase

With this simple option, you have the opportunity to sell your jewellery immediately on the spot, in our presence and instantly receive payment for an agreed amount via cash or EFT. This option is perfect if you want immediate access to funds so you can save it, reinvest it, or treat yourself to something special.

Postage with insurance options are also available for our interstate and overseas customers. We will be discreet and handle your precious valuables as carefully as if they were our own.

2. Luxury Brand Jewellery Listing

At Luxury Brand Jewellery, we also offer VIP brokerage services. This gives you the opportunity to list your item(s) within our public inventory for select clients.

This option is particularly suitable when you are seeking the best return possible and are not in hurry to close a deal.

An LBJ listing is easy and entirely risk-free. All you need to do is either deliver your jewellery to us for valuation or we can do an online valuation if you prefer, alongside a refundable $200 fee*. We then agree on what to sell it for (along with the time frame for the sale as each piece is specific to the market). Once your jewellery piece is sold, you will receive your full payment from us alongside a return of your $200 fee.

*We request the fee simply as a form of guarantee to avoid unnecessary disagreements such as a change in decision to sell and for marketing services to help promote the sale of your item on social media and directly to our VIP client base via a direct email marketing campaign. Once your jewellery is sold, the fee is returned. In the unlikely event that an item is not sold, the $200 fee will not be returned simply because we won’t list any piece that we are not fully confident of selling.

3. Online Help to Sell Your Items 

While the above two options allow you to publicly sell your jewellery to achieve the best possible price, we understand some people prefer to sell privately.

Clients are thrilled to discover we also offer support in this area with our consultancy feature. Here, we advise you on how you can sell your jewellery as part of our service at zero cost. We will advise you how to best photograph and sell your own jewellery, how to do it safely and what price to ask.

No matter which option you choose from above, Luxury Brand Jewellery guarantees to look after you and is regarded as one of the most trusted jewellery companies in the world and is renowned for achieving the highest possible price for your most valued jewellery pieces. Our reputation is flawless and untouched and our hundreds of reviews on our website speak of our integrity and honesty.

Simply click on one of the options to fill in our form with the necessary details to get started. If you have questions or require assistance of any kind, please don’t hesitate to reach us at ryan@luxurybrandjewellery.com or 0411 311 411


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