Luxury Brand Jewellery VIP Diamond Upgrade Program

As part of our world renowned Jeweller for life commitment, Luxury Brand Jewellery (LBJ) is pleased to offer a lifetime diamond upgrade program on all GIA diamonds purchased from LBJ. Simply call Peter on 0411 311 411 on to learn more about our LBJ VIP upgrade program and to select your new diamond.

Luxury Brand VIP Upgrade Guidelines

  1. All GIA graded natural and colourless diamonds purchased from LBJ are eligible. Upgrades are available on a like-for-like basis (e.g. lab grown for lab grown or natural for natural). Upgrading from lab grown to natural may be eligible.
  2. You will receive a credit equal to 100% of the original purchase price of the diamond purchased from LBJ toward the purchase of a new diamond which must be at least twice the price of the cost of the original diamond that you purchased.
  3. You may upgrade one diamond for multiple diamonds, or vice versa, so long as the price of your new diamond(s) is double that of your originally purchased diamond(s).
  4. Your diamond must be in its original condition with the original GIA report
  5. Any damage to the original diamond will disqualify the diamond from our VIP upgrade program.
  6. The LBJ VIP Upgrade Program is available for purchases shipped to any part of the world.
  7. The credit value will be based solely on the value of the diamond.
  8. For rings: If your setting fits your new diamond and is in a reusable condition, we will set your new diamond in your original setting. If your original setting cannot be reused, you have the option of keeping the setting or accepting a credit as given by Luxury Brand Jewellery.
  9. For earrings and pendants: Unfortunately we cannot reuse your original settings and are not able to offer any credit for them. They will be returned to you.
  10. Any diamond not originally set by Luxury Brand Jewellery must be returned without the setting.
Upgrade orders are not eligible for discounts.