What To Expect If You're Selling Your Estate Jewellery

Have you considered Selling Your Estate Jewellery? A few things to keep in mind

A few additional steps should be taken when selling diamonds or other expensive gemstones from an estate.

Putting up jewellery pieces from a loved one's estate for sale may be a delicate and sometimes painful procedure. In addition, getting a feel for what is involved in the process might be difficult if you've never done it before.

Selling Your Estate Jewellery


Jewellery is an investment, so it's smart to get it appraised and understand what aspects influence its worth. Knowing the best places to sell jewellery is also helpful.

It's okay to ask for assistance if you're completely unfamiliar with this topic. However, this article will discuss what you might anticipate throughout the jewellery-selling process.

1. Scrubbing and Putting Away

You'll clean and wrap your things carefully if you want good prices. Then, one may either conduct the cleaning and polishing themselves at home or take them to a reliable jeweller.

Their lustre and appeal will be revived if we invest in cleaning and polishing them up.

The manufacturer's original box may greatly assist, especially if it's in pristine condition. In addition, having the original packaging for high-end jewellery from names like Harry Winston, Cartier, Tiffany, and Graff may increase the item's worth.

It's not uncommon for jewellery boxes to be sought for more than the jewels within. This is something you may play on while trying to sell your jewellery.

2. Understand its Value

Knowing how much your jewellery is worth in today's market is essential. Compute both their original and current market value. It may be necessary to have your jewellery professionally evaluated.

Talk to the jeweller about the metal value of your jewellery. The precious metals inside the artefact are the source of its worth.

3. Reasons that Value can Decline

Be practical and avoid unrealistic goals when pricing and selling your estate jewellery. For example, you may find that the Value of your jewellery does not reflect its true market worth. Due to this, you should anticipate receiving a sum that is less than your asking price.

Your piece's worth may also be affected by the lack of interest in the market for it. Spoilers include any alteration to the piece. Take a closer look at the item using a magnifying glass before setting a price. The Value of jewellery or gemstones will decrease if there are flaws, such as cracks or solder marks.

Rather than setting a single price for your Jewellery, it's better to provide a price range to potential buyers like Luxury Brand Jewellery. We are the Largest Estate Jewellery Buyer in Australia.

4. Where you should Sell

There are a few different routes you might take while selling jewellery, depending on your goals:

  • You may sell your jewellery online at auction websites like eBay. Listing costs for sellers should be taken into consideration. Be sure to take high-quality images of the item in the listing.
  • Several businesses will sell your jewellery on consignment for a fee. The catch is that you have to sit tight till the products sell.
  • An auction house is a good choice if you want to sell anything of considerable worth. Get an appraisal and authenticity proof before bringing it to an auction house. Get your documents in order.
  • The cheapest place to buy jewellery is at a pawn store. It's a good choice for items with a cheap price tag.

However, your best bet is to work with the professionals at Luxury Brand Jewellery. We are the Largest Jewellery estate buyers in Sydney to sell your diamonds and estate jewellery.

Selling Your Estate Jewellery



How much should I expect when Selling Jewellery?

It is between 20% and 50% of its initial cost.

How do you divide Estate Jewellery fairly?

The jewellery is subsequently auctioned, and the proceeds are shared equally. However, when one sibling has a strong emotional attachment to a specific piece of jewellery, it may be quite challenging for adult children to decide who receives the jewellery.

How can I sell my Gold Jewellery without getting ripped off?

  • Compare prices. Get several opinions by visiting multiple appraisers with your gold.
  • Sell directly to Luxury Brand Jewellery.

What type of Jewellery holds its Value?

Gold jewellery is yet another excellent option for financial gain. This is because gold's demand does not experience significant swings like other precious metals or more fashionable stones; its Value has consistently climbed throughout history.

What is the difference between Antique Vintage and Estate Jewellery?

Jewellery that is more than 20 years old is considered vintage. When referring to jewellery, the term "antique" refers to more than 100 years old pieces. The term "estate jewellery" refers to jewellery that has been previously owned (regardless of its age).


Always deal with a reputable buyer or a skilled jeweller like Luxury Brand Jewellery. We are the Largest  Jewellery Estate Buyer in Australia. Know your alternatives and the many steps involved in selling diamonds.

Check out other internet markets to see what comparable estate jewellery is selling for. Before bringing it to an appraiser, you may use this estimate as a starting point.