What To Do If Your Ring Size Changes

For what seems like an eternity, you have been waiting for this moment—and this ring. You've received a stunning ring for a marriage proposal. You're thrilled to spend the rest of your life with your significant other because it's everything you've ever dreamed of. Only one issue exists. Your ring is oversized.

Hopefully, you and your partner looked into ring sizing guidelines and found a ring that fits as well as a glass slipper, so this doesn't happen to you in the first place. However, that isn't always the case, and that's acceptable. While an ill-fitting engagement ring is undoubtedly undesirable, it's not catastrophic!

Your ring can fit flawlessly with various temporary and permanent options, allowing you to wear it proudly without worrying about falling off.

What To Do If Your Ring Size Change

A timeless piece of jewellery with multiple connotations is the ring. Right-hand rings add symbolic style, fashion rings highlight distinctive tastes, and wedding and engagement rings symbolise enduring commitment.

Although the jewellery is designed to fit comfortably, your ring size may vary due to changes in weight, lifestyle, or even the weather. We're going to talk about ring size adjustments and what to do if you need to temporarily or permanently change the size of your ring.

The Fundamentals Of Size

Each finger on each hand has a unique size, and the ring size is defined as the diameter of a ring. The most common place to wear a ring is usually on the ring finger, the fourth finger on the left hand. However, some people also like to wear rings on their other fingers; it all comes down to personal preference.

The dominant hand's pointer finger usually has the largest ring size. Even within the same hand, it's not uncommon to have disparities in size between your larger and smaller fingers. To determine which size is appropriate for the finger you want to wear a ring on, we recommend reading our guide on how to find your ring size.

Things To Know About Shifts In Ring Size

Our ring sizes can vary due to a wide range of circumstances. Temporary fixes can be used to address temporary changes in size. Other size adjustments might be permanent, so you should consider having a jeweller resize your ring.

Brief Variations in Size

Factors influencing a temporary shift in size are those that will eventually return to normal. Your ring size may change in the following common circumstances: 

  1. Variations in the climate
  2. Shifts in hormones
  3. Being pregnant and nursing
  4. Consuming a dish high in sodium
  5. Short-term weight fluctuations
  6. Retention of fluid
  7. Time of day
  8. Medication-related side effects
  9. Changes in elevation

These brief variations in ring size can be as little as a quarter or half of a size. This frequently causes your ring to fight tighter or looser than usual when you try to put it on. Most people notice a slight variation in their ring size throughout the day. Pregnancy-related temporary changes in size can be more severe and persistent; they can even take longer to return to normal after delivery.

How to Proceed If Size Temporarily Alters?

Changes in finger size that are temporary usually go away on their own. For instance, many people notice that their finger sizes vary daily. A ring that was too tight in the morning will fit more comfortably in the afternoon. The best action is to wait patiently for your finger size to return to normal.

How to Proceed If Size Temporarily Alters?

Leave your ring at home or wear it on your favourite chain until you can comfortably resize it if it is too tight to wear during your temporary size change. Consider adding a plastic adjuster or a smaller stacking ring to hold the larger one in place if it is too loose for the time being. 

Having your ring professionally and permanently resized while pregnant is not advised because your postpartum ring size may differ. 

Constant Size Modifications

Changes in finger size can be temporary in many cases but permanent in others. Weight changes can result in permanent size changes.

  • Conception and delivery
  • Health issues
  • Growing Older

Since each person is different, even though these are common factors, your ring size may have changed permanently due to a different circumstance involving you.

How to Proceed If Size Is Permanently Changed?

If your finger size has permanently changed, it's time to have your ring adjusted by a professional jeweller. Make an appointment at your neighbourhood jewellery store to size up. You can get your ideal fit by adding precious metal sizing bead bars or having a jeweller permanently resize the ring.

What To Look For When A Ring Is Too Small?

  • If your ring leaves marks or lines on your finger, it might be too small.
  • The ring is uncomfortable to close your hand around.
  • It isn't easy to slide down.
  • You find it challenging to slide the ring over your knuckle
  • It feels excessively tight.
  • The ring protrudes from your finger.
  • It cannot be rotated When it is on your finger.

Here are a few indicators that your finger is not big enough for your ring. Recall some transient reasons why a ring might fit too tightly. Before permanently resizing your ring, speaking with a reputable jeweller is best.

How to Handle a Too-Small Ring

Resizing is the only way to make something fit comfortably when a ring is too tight. However, you should only get your ring resized if there has been a permanent change in your finger size. It may not be necessary or good for the ring's longevity to constantly resize it to accommodate fleeting fit adjustments.

Finding Out If A Ring Is Too Large

  • If your ring keeps rotating around the base of your finger by itself, it might be too big.
  • Since you received your ring, your hands have become smaller.
  • It travels down your finger.
  • You worry that it will slip from your grasp.
  • When you wash your hands, it slides.

A ring may fit looser than usual due to lifestyle, weather, or elevation changes. Before taking permanent steps to resize your ring, consult a jeweller.

How to Handle an Oversized Ring

An oversize ring can be resized in a few different ways. Put plastic sizing covers on the shank to make it fit tighter as a temporary fix. You'll need a jeweller's assistance if you're wondering how to fit a large ring permanently. You can most likely reduce the size of your ring using sizing beads, sizing bars, or more conventional resizing methods that involve shrinking the shank. 

Selecting A Fit, That Is Comfortable

Your ring should be tight enough that it won't slide over the knuckle on its own but loose enough to slide it over the knuckle to rest at the base of your finger. If a ring digs into your finger, it's probably too tight. Our knowledgeable jewellers can help you find the perfect ring for your preferred style.

When Not To Resize Ring Size?

There are a few situations in which you shouldn't resize your ring—or at the very least, you should wait a little while before making a permanent change—now that you know what to look for and when to do so.

It is not the ideal time to resize your ring if you are experiencing weight fluctuations, whether they are due to pregnancy or weight loss. You don't want to get a ring that fits perfectly today but might not fit again in a few months if your body is going to keep changing.

If the weather changes a lot, you might want to wait a while to see if the ring gets too big in different conditions. For instance, many people swell their fingers in the summer due to heat, so if you are proposed to in the winter, and your ring is a little too big, it might be the ideal size in the summer.

When Not To Resize Ring Size?

The size of your knuckles is another factor to take into account. You may notice that your ring spins a little at the base of your finger, but getting it over your knuckle requires some effort. You'll never know if resizing the ring will make it fit the base of your finger because you won't get it over your knuckle and on.

Lastly, it's possible that your ring cannot be resized. A jeweller's ability to resize a ring depends on numerous factors. Resizing metals like titanium, stainless steel, and tungsten is impossible.

Additionally, the placement of the gems may prevent resizing, as in the case of eternity rings with gemstones encircling the entire band. Speaking with a professional is the best way to determine if you can resize your ring.

Don't worry if you have a ring style that cannot be altered much, if at all, or if you prefer to wait a little longer to resize it. Many in-person and professional options are still available to keep your ring on your finger securely and comfortably.

Avoid These At-Home DIY Resizing Tricks

Hot Adhesive and Wax Candle

We advise against doing so, even though you probably have hot glue and candle wax at home and are eager to tackle your too-big ring. Your wedding ring is the special one. The one you wish to live a lifetime wearing. This solution is not only chaotic but may also damage your ring.

Apply nail polish

Another common method for DIY ring sizing is to use clear nail polish, which can damage your ring and make it chip and peel. Your band may tarnish if the metal reacts negatively to the polish or polish remover when you attempt to remove it.