7 Ways to Reset Your Diamond Ring; Giving a Fresh Look

Reset your diamond rings


Diamonds have stood the test of time. It was standard practice in the past to recognise significant accomplishments with these stray stones. In modern times, the promise of everlasting love and devotion is often represented with a diamond set in the middle of an engagement ring. 

This article will cover resetting an engagement ring or diamond ring, including the procedures and price. I will suggest the options available to you and the approximate costs, regardless of whether you were given a heritage stone or have an old engagement ring you wish to modernise.

Resetting an engagement ring is a great way to commemorate a significant moment in your relationship, or maybe you’re just eager to give it a fresh new appearance. 

Either way, it’s a great way to celebrate! Later in life, you may wish to think about resetting diamonds for various reasons, including the possibility of achieving tremendous financial success or the simple desire to try something new.

New Appearance: Redesigning Engagement Ring

It’s no secret that knowing how to reset an engagement ring can save you a lot of money compared to buying a brand-new diamond ring. Resetting an engagement ring refers to enhancing an existing engagement ring by adding diamonds to the ring or replacing stones with a ring. 

This resetting may involve repositioning one or two prongs. It may be necessary to cut into the metal or even recast the ring if it has to reset the wedding band setting. When you’re ready to give your diamond ring a fresh look, you can do so in several ways.


add more diamonds to your rings


The options are practically limitless, from switching out the diamond to updating the mounting. I’ve compiled a list of seven ideas to spark your creativity and assist you in realising your ideal design. So here are seven of our favourite ways to reset diamond rings for your perusal and consideration: 

After reading this article, you’ll be the go-to expert on resetting diamond jewellery. Charming and intelligent, I take it? Therefore, let us begin.

Different Ideas for Redesigning Wedding Rings or Diamond Rings

Putting In Diamond Embellishments

Adding diamonds to a ring on either side of the main stone will give your ring a more understated but no less beautiful update. Changing to a setting that emphasises the diamonds on the band’s side is a simple method. If you try this first, you won’t have to go to any extremes to increase the radiance of your diamond ring. 

In addition to this, the original diamond will remain in your possession. Resetting a diamond neatly on a band with diamond embellishments or an engraved design is one of the best settings. Adding details like pave diamonds can completely transform an otherwise plain band.

Embellishments are the perfect complement to your engagement ring, whether you choose diamond accents to give your ring extra glitter or opt to engrave the band.

You may achieve the same glamour for far less money by replacing the diamond with a diamond alternative.

Choose a More Substantial Centre Stone

Switching out the centre diamond for a larger one is a quick and straightforward approach to give your diamond ring a new look or make it more impressive. Even though this method is relatively simple, it might give you the desired appearance. 

People frequently find that they cannot afford a massive diamond at first. However, as time goes on and they accomplish more in life, a larger stone might symbolise their progression and growth as a person. Rather than resetting your present gemstone, this will update your ring’s appearance.


larger center stone in diamond rings


This choice is ideal for you if you want to commemorate a particular achievement by purchasing a larger diamond to symbolise your success once you have reached a certain point in your life. It could be a larger stone of higher quality, a stone of a different shape, or even just a more valuable stone. 

You’ve worked hard, and now there’s enough money in your savings to buy the engagement ring of your dreams. Moreover, you will keep the original stone so they can utilise it another way.

The Center Stone Surrounded by a Halo

If you want your wedding band settings to have a whole new appearance, you might want to think about putting a halo of diamonds around the stone that is the ring’s focal point. Adding a halo of diamonds around the central stone of your ring lends it an aura of mystery and allure. 

The diamond will appear much larger than it is because of the surrounding gemstones, which will also give a ring an additional sparkly effect. It will assist in giving your diamond ring a new and more modern appearance.


Halo center stone


With this design, they can achieve the halo effect by placing several smaller diamonds, sometimes called accent diamonds, around the band. It is a significant improvement, but it does not require much additional metalwork on the band.

Include Diamonds to Create a Ring with Three Stones

The solution to reset the diamond ring is to take a ring with one stone and add diamonds to the ring on either side. One possibility is to place stones on either side of the centre stone to create the illusion that it is larger than it is. 

Diamonds of a medium or small carat weight might serve as filler stones in your diamond ring, giving the illusion that it is larger than it is. It is also possible for them to be colourful gemstones, such as sapphires or rubies so that your ring will have some colour and be more distinctive.


three stone diamond ring


If you wish to increase the number of diamonds featured on your band, one option is to convert the diamond ring you already own into a three-stone diamond ring. A ring with three stones has one stone to represent each of the past, present, and future. Almost any jeweller will be able to assist you in doing this with your current ring.

Add Diamonds; By Selecting a Different Design

Within the framework of this idea, the main stone is flanked on all sides by diamonds ranging in size from medium to small. It makes your ring appear to be larger, and it also has the effect of drawing more attention to itself. 

This choice will take as little time and effort as is humanly feasible for any jeweller, and as a result, it will not be an overly expensive alternative.

Diamond Ring Settings Upgrade

Altering or improving the setting of the diamond ring is yet another choice available to you if you consider resetting the diamond in a ring. For instance, a higher and more pointed setting, such as a cathedral setting, is the common starting point for most engagement rings.


include many stones to make it look different


However, you can upgrade or alter the setting to something more secure, like a bezel set, reducing the likelihood that the diamond will become damaged. They encased the stone in a bezel setting, protecting it from being chipped on four sides. You should also consider upgrading to this setting if it has damaged the stone before this point. 

You can set the diamond in the ring to stand out more by lifting it or obtaining a new setting style, giving a ring an entirely different appearance. Making just a few straightforward adjustments can significantly impact visually and practically.

Including Many Different Colored Gemstones

Adding gemstones to the setting of your diamond ring is an exciting method to reset it. Sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are excellent choices for accent stones since they lend the ring a much more distinctive and captivating look. 

Even more of a personal touch can be added by choosing a stone that corresponds to your birth month; this works particularly well for the halo, three-stone, or sideband accent settings. Finally, suppose you are looking for something unique and are ready for a departure from the conventional diamond you already own.


color stone in diamond ring to make it look better


In that case, this could be a fantastic alternative for you to consider. It may require only a little bit of creative thinking outside the box. However, it is a genuine improvement, and you should consider whether you want to get it. The colour of your engagement ring can be amplified by adding gemstones like rubies or sapphires. 

These brilliantly coloured stones can very quickly give your bling a fresh look and feel, regardless of whether you decide to use them as accents on the band or the halo.

Swap It Out for a Brand-New One

It is something we see very frequently among married couples who have been together for a significant amount of time and have reached a certain degree of success. They decide to part with the old ring in exchange for a new one that is entirely dissimilar instead of attempting to re-cut the existing diamond. 

In most cases, this will include an update to a newer design or a diamond of higher quality. In this way, it’s virtually a symbolic gesture of success and fresh beginnings, getting rid of the old and moving forward with the new. 

If you want an entirely fresh look for your ring, and resetting it just won’t cut it, then there is nothing wrong with trading in the one you have now for something new. 

Sometimes you desire a change or perhaps an entirely different style. Unfortunately, no hard and fast law states you must keep wearing the same diamond ring forever.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Resetting a Diamond Ring

Is it as simple as eating candy and peanuts when resetting an engagement ring or another ring? Or are there both positives and negatives to consider? To be honest, resetting has both positive and negative aspects, and I will discuss both now.


Having a Ring Reset Improves Its Appearance

When redesigning an engagement ring, one of the most popular things people do is upgrade the stone that will be the ring’s centrepiece. Why not try to make something that you have had for a long time or that you have purchased at a reduced price into something better?

Do It Your Way

An expensive ring, especially one worn as an engagement ring, is significant and often symbolises your love. Because of this, a significant portion of its worth can be attributed to it. 

On the other hand, it’s possible that the wearer didn’t have any input into the selection process, which was done for them as a surprise. You are within your rights to wear any ring you like, which complements your style. Therefore, once the excitement of the first ceremony has passed, it is time to redesign the wedding ring.

Valuing Your Heritage

A ring band can frequently become damaged due to normal wear and strain. However, it is possible that the stone still shines brightly. Therefore, the ring must adjust its settings to regain its former splendour in this particular instance.

Boost Significance

Maybe you have a beautiful gemstone set in an old ring that dates back to another era, and you’re the proud owner of a fantastic gemstone set in an antique ring. The ring’s value will be determined mostly by the gem set within it. The value of the ancient old stone will increase its significance if you relocate it to a more recent band.


Bad Choice from a Monetary Standpoint

If you’re planning on resetting your ring, whether it’s an engagement ring, a diamond band, or any other kind of ring, you should do it to look fresh and clean. A reset is usually not worth the trouble if it has damaged the ring beyond repair.

Regret After Resetting

Just be sure you’ve given it a lot of thought before you reset a ring. Whether you’re resetting an engagement ring, a diamond ring, or another kind, you could regret it later. For example, adding a new stone to an engagement ring means that the ring one partner presented to the other cannot be kept as a memento of their marriage. 

Well, this isn’t the original stone, however. So take a picture or make a little film before you alter the original. The thing is, you can always change your mind afterwards.

A Family Heirloom

Suppose you are resetting an antique engagement ring that is a family heirloom carried from generation to generation. In that case, you may question siblings or other loved ones before resetting it. 

Even though the ring is yours, the fact of it being altered from the original could upset a relative, and a relative who’s offended by something like that is not the kind of relative you want to upset.

Cost To Reset an Engagement Ring or Everyday Ring

Resetting an engagement ring is a fantastic option because it can be done at a low cost. Of course, that doesn’t mean it costs less than a hundred bucks, but jewellery prices aren’t where they once were. You can expect to pay for an everyday ring between $1800 – $2500, while resetting an engagement ring can cost anywhere from $200–$700. 

One must plan by obtaining an estimate.

Keep In Mind When Resetting a Ring

I recommend meeting with more than one jeweller, perhaps up to three, before finalising who would reset your engagement ring. The cost of a reset diamond ring varies widely amongst jewellers. Therefore, you can compare prices and services by consulting with multiple jewellers.

Your first step should be to locate a reliable jeweller. If you cannot use the services of a jeweller with whom you are already familiar, you should rely on recommendations from others. 

Expertise and honesty are two things they should be able to attest to. Also, when interacting with the jeweller, ensure they get your vision. It may be time to move on if you cannot conduct an effective conversation.

The expense of having a diamond or family heirloom remounted can add up quickly, and the final cost will depend on your chosen method. On average, most jewellers can reset diamonds for roughly $500.

Verify that this additional expense is manageable within your overall engagement ring design budget to avoid serious debt.

How Luxury Brand Jewellery Will Reset Your Diamond or Engagement Rings

Steps in Resetting a Diamond Ring

You’ll rely heavily on the jeweller to handle much of the heavy lifting here—at least the technical stuff. There is indeed some effort required of you. Having a distinct goal in mind and the ability to articulate that goal is crucial. 

Try to sketch out your idea of what you need, even if you’re no artist. Then, after getting your ring, Luxury Brand Jewellery uses computer-aided design (CAD) or software to create a beautiful model of the proposed ring.

The following stages demonstrate how diamond resetting works:

Advisory Services in Design

Redesigning a wedding ring begins with making an appointment for a private consultation. It includes a talk about your already-owned jewellery and its sentimental importance, in addition to the process of coming up with ideas for your new piece of jewellery. 

Following that, there will be a design meeting, during which we will evaluate your precious jewellery. It will ensure Luxury Brand Jewellery that your components are in good condition and can be reset.

Drafting and Design

It will bring all your ideas to life during drawing and designing. At this point in the process, Luxury Brand Jewellery will begin to conceptualise how your ideas and inspirations might be brought to life through sketches. During this phase, feedback is encouraged and very much appreciated.

Locating Stone Accessories and Extensions

Resetting old jewellery with accents or additional stones is one way to give it a more sophisticated look without buying new pieces. If you want to reset diamonds with other stones, then Luxury Brand Jewellery will source stones for you.

Engineering Using CAD

In this stage, Luxury Brand Jewellery will engineer a 3D CAD model of your idea. 3D CAD stands for “three-dimensional computer-aided design.” Then, luxury Brand Jewellery will cast the item in metal and handset the stones once you have approved the design. We finished the designing and making processes at this step.


When the work is finished, you can pick it up or we can deliver it to your house, apartment, castle or chalet . Luxury Brand Jewellery will also provide you with cleaning recommendations and an evaluation of the value of the new item.

FAQs about Resetting Diamond Rings

What Is the Price of Resetting an Engagement Ring or Diamond Ring?

Redesigning an engagement ring or resetting a diamond ring normally costs anything from $200 to $700. Note that this pricing covers only labour and may vary based on the diamond’s size and form. In addition, the finished product—either ready-made or custom—has separate pricing depending on the new setting and accompanying stones.

Are Older Diamonds More Expensive?

That’s another insightful question. The short answer to this is “not really.” Unlike a baseball card or many things you’d find at an antique shop, diamonds don’t gain value just by being old. Instead, a diamond’s value can decrease if it loses its shine and general quality (note that this is not true for loose diamonds). Other than that, an antique diamond’s size, carat, brilliance, etc., are the same factors that determine its value.

Should I Get a Prefabricated Diamond Ring or Design My Own?

Ready-Made Diamond Ring

A ready-made diamond ring is less expensive if you seek an economical piece. In most cases, a jeweller can locate the item you want, have it made to order in the metal of your choice (white gold, yellow gold, platinum, etc.), and then set your stones.

Unique Diamond Ring Created to Order

Go for a custom-made diamond ring if you’re hunting for possibilities that aren’t in ready-made selections. It is because they factor all the costs of making something unique into the final price tag. For example, a custom-made diamond ring could cost anywhere from $200 to $700 in labour costs in addition to the $2,500 cost of the diamond and the design fee.

What May Cause a Jeweller to Hesitate Before Resetting an Engagement Ring or a Diamond Ring?

When placing a diamond in a mounting that it isn’t intended for, you can have some difficulty doing it. In most cases, this occurs with older stones with outlines that aren’t quite even with one another. It is not easy to remove a diamond from its setting. It’s a long process, especially if you want to ship the stones to the jeweller, who will be compelled to provide you with a responsibility waiver. Moreover, they incur liability concerns, such as loss and damage. It isn’t very profitable.

Why Wouldn’t a Jeweler Want to Set a New Diamond You Purchased from Somewhere Else?

The combination of the stone and the setting is where the jeweller makes most of their profit. Therefore, the profit margin for resetting stones is lower compared to other methods.

What Does Resetting an Engagement Ring or Any Other Ring Mean?

Resetting an engagement ring or any other ring might indicate a few different things. It usually refers to a significant alteration to the visual style of a ring. Resetting an engagement ring, diamond ring, or another type typically entails replacing the stone at the top of the band. It may be the centrepiece, but it’s more likely the supplementary stones (adding diamond accents). Taking out the current primary stone is an option but is not required. A wedding band’s setting is another option when resetting a diamond or other jewellery (from white gold to yellow gold or platinum).

How About a Reset Diamond Ring?

In a word, yes. You can replace the primary stone for an upgrade or add other stones, such as a 3-stone ring or a halo setting. It is a common approach for people to redesign engagement rings.

Is It Expensive to Reset a Diamond Ring?

A reset diamond ring costs a bit more than other engagement rings. You’ll be paying for adding new or more diamonds, of course. That’s why you may expect to pay between $200-$700 for resetting a diamond ring.