Ultimate Guide to Selling Gold Jewellery

Gold is unique; its vibrant hue and recognisable sheen are sure to catch anyone's eye. You may decide it's time to sell your gold jewellery in exchange for cash. Deciding to sell Gold is significant. Therefore, it's wise to shop around for the highest price and most trustworthy buyer. 

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To help you better comprehend the process of selling your Gold, we have compiled a brief guide here.

The Right Time

As much as emotional as it is a monetary choice, knowing when to sell your Gold is essential. If you're tracking the spot price of precious metals and want to know when to sell for maximum profit, you should bookmark our spot price page.

The Right Time

If you have come into possession of Gold by inheritance or some other means, consider whether or not now is the time to part with an item that could one day hold sentimental value. In any case, liquidating an investment is the primary motivation for selling Gold.

The Spot Value of Gold

To ensure that you get a fair price when you decide to sell your Gold, you must frequently keep tabs on its "spot value," or current market price.

Gold's price fluctuates according to market forces, most notably supply and demand. Simply said, the greater the demand for Gold, the higher its price will be (and vice versa). However, due to the complexities of the gold market, some other factors may also affect the metal's current price.

Remember that you won't be able to sell Gold at its spot value since buyers want to earn a profit. The price a buyer is willing to pay for your scrap gold depends on its weight, purity, and current price.

When is the right time to sell Gold? If you want to sell at the greatest possible time, you should wait a while and observe the market.

The Type of Gold

Discovering whether your item is bullion or a collectable is the first order of business. The second thing to check for is whether or not the money is backed by a (Sovereign) government or a private mint. The value and buyback prices may vary based on your asset type. Bars or coins are the third distinguishing feature. You'll pay more for coins and rounds at the register than for bars.

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Know the Value of Your Gold Jewellery

Getting an impartial valuation of your jewellery before approaching potential purchasers is a good idea if you want to know what price you can receive for your Gold and other valuables. Luxury Brand Jewellery is renowned for accrediting only the most trustworthy appraisers.

Jewellers, in particular, who acquire Gold may base their offer on current scrap gold prices. Because the Gold will likely be melted down and reused, the purity of the jewellery piece is a consideration.

Know the Value of Your Gold Jewellery

You may get a more accurate idea of how much your jewellery's Gold is worth by determining its scrap value based on its weight, carat (its percentage of gold content), and the current price of Gold on the spot market. Depending on whether the purchaser intends to resell the jewellery or melt the Gold down, the appraisal may or may not account for signs of wear and tear or flaws in the piece.

Gold may be valued by multiplying the daily price by 31.103, then by the proportion of Gold it contains (which can be found by dividing the carat by 24), and finally by its weight in grammes.

The value of your Gold will also be affected by several other aspects, such as its quality and whether or not it has any particularly unique or historically significant characteristics. Remember that the gold buyer needs to turn a profit, which means you might expect an offer lower than the going rate.

Learn Your Gold's Purity, Weight and Carat

Find out how much your Gold is worth. Because of its softness, 24-Ct Gold is rarely used in jewellery. The percentages of pure Gold in a refined metal are denoted by prefixes such as "18-Ct," "14-Ct," and "10-Ct" (out of a possible 24-Ct). 

Be sure to check the jewellery you buy for the carat stamp. Gold buyers should let you observe the scales and verify the weight of your item. The price you're being offered should reflect the carat weight in grammes. 

Get clarification on pricing methods if you're confused. Remember that gold buyers are in the business of making a profit, so that they may offer you less than the going rate. You could limit your sales to serious buyers willing to negotiate a price per gramme or Carat.

The Difference in Bid Price and Ask Price

The bid price is the minimum amount a dealer is willing to purchase your product. In contrast, the asking price is the amount a seller is willing to part with a product.

Find a Trusted Buyer

The next step after discovering your Gold's value is deciding where to sell it. You may be debating whether a pawn store or a coin shop would be more practical. 

Sure, you get to meet a real person and get your money on the same day. However, someone may try to lowball you or scare you into selling your Gold for less than they're worth. Therefore, find a reliable and trustworthy internet jeweller, such as "Luxury Brand Jewellery."

Advantage of Selling Gold Online

As a result of having fewer overheads, online gold purchasers may offer more competitive pricing on the products they source and resell. As the gold seller, this means a higher return than you would earn in a physical store.

Final Words

It would be best if you always aimed for the highest possible price when selling gold jewellery, whether antique or new. However, examine all the pieces of jewellery you value more highly than junk, and ensure that the metal and stones are in good enough shape to sell.

You can get the best price for your Gold if you sell it online, but you'll have to ship it off for an assessment (most buyers will give a prepaid mailer) and wait 24 to 48 hours for payment.


How do I sell my Gold in Australia?

In Australia, there are primarily two methods for selling gold coins, jewellery, and other items made of metal. You have two options for selling your Gold online to a gold buyer or in person at a pawn shop. You will get paid in cash for your possessions using any alternative.

Do I pay tax on selling Gold in Australia?

Profit made from the sale or other disposition of precious metal is subject to a tax known as capital gains tax (CGT). If the value of your gold bullion has increased since you bought it, you must pay capital gains tax on the sale (at a rate of 28%) in Australia.

How is Gold measured to sell?

Gold is not measured in ounces like other commodities sold by weight. To be precise, troy ounces are used. Buyers and sellers of Gold must know the difference between a troy ounce and a standard ounce.