Ultimate Guide to Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold engagement rings


Rose gold engagement rings are a fantastic choice for those who want something simple yet elegant. Rose gold is a popular and unique option for engagement rings since it goes well with a wide range of skin tones. Moreover, rose gold can be paired with a wide variety of diamond cuts, colours, and shapes.

Is Rose Gold Engagement Ring a Good Choice?

Every decision you make when selecting the ideal engagement ring for you and your significant other is yours. Choosing a rose gold ring for an engagement is no different. In the following section, we will provide you with some advice that should be helpful as you make your choice.

Rose gold engagement rings are especially popular with centre diamonds in the warmer I, J, and K colours. The warm undertones of nearly-colourless diamonds have long been thought to be hidden by rose gold. 

Due to the reflecting nature of diamonds, a warmer diamond set in rose gold may appear to have a warm, pinkish tint. However, a platinum prong setting can make the diamond less noticeable against the rose gold and maximise its ability to reflect white light.

Some assume a colourless diamond is not the best choice for a rose gold engagement ring. However, the beauty of colourless diamonds set in the warm pink of rose gold is often underestimated. 

When choosing a colourless diamond, should you consider a rose gold ring for an engagement? Yes, you definitely should! We think that colourless diamonds set in rose gold are the best option. D, E, and F colour diamonds seem even more brilliant when mounted in a rose gold engagement ring basket or prong setting.

Moreover, rings with a secret diamond halo look beautiful when made of rose gold. In rose gold, this particular detail pops out stunningly.

Are you still on the fence about whether or not a rose gold engagement ring is the best option? Seek out an engagement ring with a rose gold tinge in its design. Select a setting for a rose gold band featuring french cut pave diamonds to ensure that minimal metal is exposed. Diamonds often go all the way to the ring's sides.

Only the tiny rose gold prongs show when viewed from above, and the metal disappears against most complexions when viewed from the side. Read up on the production of rose gold by clicking here.

Is a Rose Gold Engagement Ring in Trend?

Relax if you're concerned that your rose-gold engagement ring may quickly become outdated. There's a good reason why rose gold finishes are becoming the norm for all products. In terms of colour schemes, rose gold has endured through the years. 

There was a time when rose gold was trendy, but today it's timeless. The rose gold finish may be found on various everyday items, from cutlery to smartphones, kitchen appliances, and even hair dye.

Engagement rings with a vintage aesthetic were only made from rose gold for a long time. Yet the trend of rose gold engagement rings can be traced back to Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. Rose gold engagement rings have become increasingly popular since the couple announced their engagement in 2012. 

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Modern bezel ring settings, thin band pave ring settings, and even three-stone engagement rings, traditionally built-in platinum only, have all made their way into rose gold's popular engagement ring design.

Although most stores only entertain 14k or 18k rose gold of limited styles, Luxury Brand Jewellery deals in 14k and 18k rose gold engagement rings and jewellery. 

For the past decade, rose gold engagement rings have been the most popular, and this trend shows no signs of losing steam. Do rose-gold engagement rings represent a current fad? Not in our humble opinion!

The Best Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Round Cut Rose Gold Engagement Ring

This round-cut rose gold engagement ring features a round brilliant-cut diamond in the centre. Diamonds of various shapes look beautiful when set in this rose gold ring's mounting. This ring is adorned with a dazzling array of diamond shapes, from round to brilliant to emerald.

Round brilliant Rose gold engagement rings


The ring is only 1.5mm wide, and the diamonds cover 3/4 of it. An invisible halo of French Cut Pave stones surrounds the basket. In short, this ring is the ideal engagement ring with a narrow band.

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Pear Shape Rose Gold Halo

The ring's unique shimmering halo design will highlight the pear-shaped centre stone of your rose gold engagement ring. The halo surrounding the centre stone in this rose gold ring will make it look even more prominent.

Pear cut Rose gold engagement rings


Round diamonds with superb cuts totalling around 0.30cttw are set in this beautiful engagement ring setting. This ring is not only beautiful with a pear-shaped diamond but also with any other shape of the diamond.

Cushion Cut Rose Gold Solitaire

With its ultra-thin band, this rose-gold solitaire engagement ring is the perfect canvas for your centre stone. The centre stone of any shape, from oval to emerald, will look beautiful in this arrangement. As the pinnacle of thin band engagement rings, this solitaire's knife edge disappears almost entirely once it's on the finger.

Cushion cut Rose gold engagement rings


This popular engagement ring setting is crafted from rose gold to highlight the radiance of the featured stone. The ring's glitter can be amplified by having a hidden halo added to it.

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In conclusion, rose gold engagement rings have become a timeless classic. Rose gold engagement rings are the best choice because they match well with every diamond and any woman's taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is rose gold okay for an engagement ring?

It works well together and evokes a sense of antiquity. It also complements other metals quite well. Rose gold is a unique and eye-catching metal choice for an engagement ring because it is less common than platinum, white gold, and yellow gold.

Does rose gold make diamonds look yellow?

Genuinely colourless diamonds are extremely rare and expensive, and most people who go for a colourless one expect it to appear that way. However, a diamond with a D to F colour grade may appear slightly yellow in a rose gold setting due to colour reflection.

Do rose gold rings fade?

It's more long-lasting than actual gold, but it still needs maintenance to keep it shining brightly. While some pink metals, such as pink platinum, are more susceptible to dulling and fading over time than 14k rose gold, rose gold typically requires no plating service to maintain its brilliant appearance.

Is rose gold still in style in 2022?

A guaranteed 2022 fashion trend is rose gold jewellery. Rose gold is a beautiful metal to add to your jewellery collection, even if it is not as common as white or yellow gold.