Top Reasons to Buy a Thin Band Engagement Ring

Thin Band Engagement Ring


Thin band engagement rings are a trendy and elegant update of a traditional style. A thin band engagement ring, whether it's a solitaire, three-stone, or halo setting, lets the focus remain firmly on the diamond. This article will discuss the top 5 reasons for purchasing an engagement ring with a thin band.

1. Thin Band Engagement Rings Spotlight the Diamond

Your engagement ring will barely appear if it has a thin band. So, the central diamond is the focus of attention from every angle. Check out this stunning thin band knife edge platinum basket ring setting below!


Thin Band Engagement Ring
Thin Band Engagement Ring


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2. Any Size of Diamond Would Fit Best in Thin Band Ring

A thin band engagement ring will highlight the beauty of any centre diamond, whether it's 0.25 carats or 5.5 carats in size. Simply put, any size of centre stone will look better set in a setting with a thin band. Check out the beautiful contrast between the various thin band styles and the corresponding GIA-certified diamond sizes.


Thin Band Engagement Ring


3. Thin Wedding Bands Look the Finest with Any GIA-Certified Shapes of Diamonds

Afterwards, it would be best if you think about how various shapes of centre diamonds look when set in a thin band engagement ring. But usually, any diamond shape looks beautiful when placed in a thin band ring. Thin band ring designs, as seen in the examples below, look stunning with any cut of a diamond.


Thin Band Engagement Ring
Thin Band Engagement Ring



4. Thin Band Diamond Rings Provides Superior Comfort to the Wearer

Since comfort is vital, you won't feel constricted with a thin band engagement ring. So if you don't like to stuff yourself with jewellery but still want to shine, this is the look for you!

5. Thin Band Engagement Rings Complement Other Rings Perfectly

In addition to highlighting the central diamond, thin band ring designs make it simple to put additional rings on top. Check out the perfect fit between two distinct wedding band styles and a thin band engagement ring.


Thin Band Engagement Ring


Engagement rings with narrow bands have been increasingly popular in recent years. Moreover, a variety of solitaire, three-stone, and halo ring settings are available in the thin band engagement ring collection.

The term "thin" does not relate to a lack of quality, less expensive or use of worthless materials.

Although they look delicate, they are pretty resilient. So, are you thinking about how thin is this engagement ring's band? Engagement rings with narrow bands are typically between 1.5 and 2.0 mm wide.

Even though all of the rings in a set are the same width, some may look thinner than others. Because the eye is drawn to the thinnest part of the ring, rings with a knife edge seem slimmer than rings with flat or rounded edges.

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For instance, the knife edge on a 1.7mm solitaire is 1mm wide, giving the illusion that the ring is only 1mm wide. Thin-banded diamond rings have the same impact. A thin band diamond ring of only 1.5mm wide can appear slimmer when viewed from above. The bands generally appear smaller as your eye naturally focuses on the diamonds rather than the metal.

Are you wondering how long-lasting a thin band wedding ring is? Well, you shouldn't expect any piece of jewellery to last forever. High-quality jewellery is crafted from rare metals and beautiful stones. 

It would be best to treat your engagement bands and wedding rings with the utmost care because it is not indestructible. Compared to rings with a wide band, scratches on thin band rings are less noticeable. Thin band rings fit between the palm of your hand and the base of your finger to protect them from damage.

Moreover, a thinner band ring can adjust to the shape of your finger more quickly than a thicker but broader band ring. They are also easily deformed than a wider ring of the same thickness. However, rings cannot be bent or broken without some external force. So, keep your engagement ring safe, especially if it has a narrow band.

Frequently Asked Questions

How thin can an engagement band be?

Thinner bands, while aesthetically pleasing, are more likely to wear out and damage over time. So, choose an engagement ring no thinner than 1.55 millimetres to play it safe.

Does a thin band make a diamond look bigger?

You can make the diamond in the centre of your ring appear larger by choosing a setting with a thin band and delicate prongs.

Is the 1.7mm ring band too thin?

A 1.6mm or less thick band may not last very long. So, look for one with a band that is at least 1.6mm to 2.0mm wide.