Top 8 Must Ask Questions When Selling Gold Jewellery

Unlike used clothes or shoes, you can resell jewellery for the value of its precious metals and diamonds. However, you won't get back the money you spent on it in the first place because the market changes and the piece itself has value.

There are several questions you must know before selling your gold jewellery. For instance, who will pay the highest prices for your gold? We have got your back! Luxury brand Jewellery is the biggest gold buyer in Australia, offering the highest prices for your gold. Getting the most money for your gold is possible when you know what questions to ask and select a trustworthy, fair buyer. 

If you're considering selling your jewellery, here are eight things you should know beforehand.

Questions to Ask from Yourself

You should ask these three questions yourself to clear your mind.

1. What Type of Gold are You Selling?

Think about how powerful this straightforward question is. You need to know exactly what you're selling to get a fair price.

What Type of Gold are You Selling?

You need to know precisely what you're selling or refining to get paid more. Say, for example, you are trying to sell a dozen old jewellery pieces. Do they have 18-Ct gold in them? Are they gold-plated, or are they made of gold? What do they each weigh, and what do they all weigh together? Do the things you're trying to sell include steel pins, fake glass gems, or other "extras"?

So, what is it you're trying to sell? Don't listen to what the person buying your things says. Instead, figure out your gold on your own!

2. Why are you Selling your Gold?

Although it may not be as crucially critical as other questions, knowing the answer to this one will increase the price you receive for your gold when you sell it. For instance, if you need to sell your gold scrap and jewellery urgently to raise money, you might have to settle for a lower price. (Being in a rush makes it difficult to bargain with a buyer.) 

However, if you steadily increase the value of a number of your diverse investments, you might be less eager to sell your gold. This implies that you can discuss prices, bide your time, and sell later when you can sell for a price that is more in line with the price at which gold is currently trading. Therefore, saying, "I am not in a hurry", puts you in a stronger position to sell your gold for more significant money.

3. Who is Your Gold Buyer?

As you probably already know, many people and businesses are waiting to buy gold jewellery and gold scrap. There are pawn shops, coin and bullion dealers (if you are selling coins or bullion), "we buy gold" stores that you pass on the road, and maybe even your local jewellery store. The question is whether or not you are selling to an honest person or a business. 

Selling to well-known businesses with the proper credentials makes it much more likely that you will be treated honestly and get a fair price for what you are selling. Therefore, selling your gold jewellery to a reputable online buyer, like Luxury Brand Jewellery, is recommended.

Questions to Ask from Your Gold Buyer

Now you have cleared your doubts; you must ask these five questions from your gold buyer.

4. For How Long Have You Been a Gold Buyer?

Gold, silver, and platinum jewellery buyers can be found at various establishments, including hair salons, game stores, and temporary pop-up shops.

To sum up, you should stay away from these locations. They intend to leave after making a fast profit. Any store that wants to buy from you should be well-established, in a good neighbourhood, and under the same management for some time. 

It's preferable if the buyers have the expertise and a track record of buying precious metals rather than cutting hair. If it isn't, your jewellery is at risk of being stolen or lost.

5. Do you Have Customer Reviews?

Finding the perfect buyer can be time-consuming, but having satisfied consumers speak for them is a great shortcut. When looking for a local or online vendor, it's a good idea to learn as much as possible about their past clients by reading reviews on sites like Google and Yelp.

You should read the reviews to find a company with excellent customer service, fair prices, and knowledge of the precious metals market.

6. How do you Value my Gold?

The person or people who are purchasing from you ought to scrutinise your goods. Weighing and evaluating each item, and testing them for their metal type and purity, is necessary. You are overpaying if a buyer examines your gold and immediately offers you a price.

Luxury Brand Jewellery offers free appraisals of your gold from reputable jewellery appraisals in Australia.

How do you Value my Gold?

Your prospective purchaser should also be patient enough to answer all of your enquiries and provide a thorough explanation of the buying process. Recycling precious metals is not a secretive enterprise, as many assume; most of us enjoy talking about what we do.

7. How do you Handle and Communicate the Order and Delivery Process?

Find out from the dealer how long it will take for your order to be explained, confirmed, and delivered. Inquire further about the delivery options offered, the associated costs, and the procedures for dealing with lost or broken packages.

8. How Will You Pay?

When selling something as expensive as gold, it's essential to consider how the buyer will send the money. If a buyer offers to pay with a check or money order, you'll need to deposit that check or go to the bank to cash it when it arrives.

However, if the buyer offers to pay you via electronic bank transfer, you may never have to move a finger after accepting the offer. Therefore, choosing a payment option that works for you, whether a cash payment or a wire transfer, is vital to selling your gold successfully.

Wrapping Up

If you want to be sure you get paid quickly and reliably, selling your gold and jewels to a respected company is a good idea. A reputable buyer will have a physical location with a customer service department and staff trained to help you through the selling process and answer your payment method questions. 

In addition to paying you in cash upon receipt of your gold or jewels, many trustworthy sellers will also make a direct deposit into your bank account. Luxury Brand Jewellery is a reliable online gold buyer in Australia and offers the highest prices for your gold!