5 Tips for Selling Your Estate Jewellery

Converting an old piece of jewellery into cash is a personal and delicate process. Items having sentimental value might be difficult to part with. Occasionally, you want to sell jewellery but don't feel comfortable posting it on a public online marketplace.

Tips for Selling Your Estate Jewelry


The wedding band you inherited from your grandmother, the class ring you earned at graduation, and the gold watch your father received at his retirement party are all examples of jewellery that served as tokens of love or recognition.

But even if you think your things are invaluable, they probably aren't. For example, when selling jewellery from an estate, you can do a few things to ensure you obtain the most money possible.

How to Maximize the Value of Your Precious Metals, Gems, and Antiques

  • Polish or clean the jewellery. Learn how to do it yourself (DIY) online, or take it to a jeweller, ideally one you know and trust from family. Luxury Brand Jewellery is the¬†Largest Jewellery estate buyer in Australia.
  • Save the item in its original packaging. The original packaging, particularly if it is in excellent shape and comes from a well-known brand like Tiffany or Cartier, can boost the piece's status and worth. For example, an antique Tiffany box may be more sought after and intriguing than the jewels it formerly contained.
  • Seek out other opinions. Check internet auction houses, list how much comparable estate jewellery is selling for, and then go to an appraiser. We suggest that your jewellery be appraised by no less than 2 different stores.
  • The melt value should be taken into account. The "melt value" may be calculated with the aid of a jeweller." This is how much the object might be sold if melted down for its precious metal content.
  • Get a report on the gem's quality. Acquire a GIA report on the "birth certificate" of gemstones. This report may be used to ensure that your diamonds or sapphires have not been exchanged and that the dealer has not overvalued your item.
  • If you already have a connection with a family-owned jewellery store, that's the greatest place to start. Regardless of the method you choose for selling your jewellery, building a rapport with a local jeweller might increase the likelihood of a positive transaction.

You can find a good jeweller by word of mouth if you don't know any personally. An expert source might be found via the services of an interior designer, antique merchant, or art dealer.

Merchandising through a Third Party

A dealer will pay less because of the inherent risk in purchasing your Jewellery from you directly. In addition, given the subjective nature of jewellery taste, finding a buyer for your estate or the antique item may take some time.

If you let the dealer sell it on consignment, they will have a far better chance of finding a buyer and making a profit for you.

Internet Auctions for Antique Jewellery

Perhaps you've been considering selling some of your vintage jewellery online. Some high-end consignment shops will even come to your home, pack up your item, photograph it, and publish it on their website for you.

In comparison to selling on one of the larger online marketplaces like eBay, where a listing costs $0.5AUD and a 14.35% fee applies to items sold for less than $15000 AUD and a 7% fee applies to items sold for more than $15000 AUD, this method is less time-consuming and more anonymous but costs significantly more.

Tips for Selling Your Estate Jewelry


If you want to sell your wares online, it is recommended that you include some background information on the piece(s) you plan to sell. We advise sellers to "tell a beautiful tale in the description" and to make use of keywords such as "Tiffany," "Vintage," and "Authentic" to increase the visibility of their listings.

All, seriously consider the potential emotional costs of letting go of an item with questionable monetary value.


Is estate Jewellery a good investment?

Antiques Jewellery has a higher resale value than its original purchase price. Therefore, while selling Jewellery, you may expect to get more money than you put into the piece. In addition, if preserved well, these items will increase in value over time.

How do you value a piece of estate Jewellery?

A Jewellery's true value is its constituent parts' market value. The value of fine Jewellery is based on the market price of the metal and the gems set inside it. No premium is paid for rarity, quality, name recognition, or popularity in the current market.

What type of Jewellery holds its value?

An additional viable investment option is gold jewellery. Gold's demand does not vary as much as that of more fashionable precious metals or stones, and its value has risen gradually throughout time.

How can I find out how much my ring is worth?

The best way to find out how much your ring is worth is to appraise it. Only a trained expert with the right set of skills and knowledge can provide an accurate assessment of the jewellery. Then, if you ever decide to sell it, you'll have a firm grasp on the fair price at which to do it.


The experts at Luxury Brand Jewellery advise always dealing with a reputable buyer when selling jewellery from an estate. Expert jewellery purchasers have extensive market knowledge and will pay you fairly for your items.

For many years, Luxury Brand Jewellery has made a speciality of purchasing and reselling fine jewels from private estates as the Largest Estate Jewellery Buyer in Australia.