The Truth About Online Jewellery

It's not uncommon for people to confuse the price of a diamond with its actual value. Values tend to fluctuate, starting with the first acquisition and continuing through the valuation and the private sale. Therefore, it is necessary to examine the expenses of rings to dispel any lingering misconceptions.

Cost of Scrap

The scrap price is the least amount of money you can get for a diamond ring. The value of the metal scrap and the costs associated with taking stones out of their settings will be the primary factors in establishing this amount. 

The scrap value does not account for the design, labour, time, feeling, or other factors invested in creating an article of jewellery. So, it is significantly more cost-effective to restore a piece of jewellery than to throw it away and buy a new one.

cost of inherited Jewellery


Many shops, pawnshops, and gold buyers will only pay scrap value or less for your gold.

There is a market for scrap jewellery, but many stores would buy and resale gently used pieces that have been cleaned, repaired, and polished. Remove .

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Production Expenses for the Manufacturing of Jewellery

Jewellers must account for the cost of the metal, diamonds or stones, initial design, labour, and time over the numerous stages of manufacturing. Additional fees, such as those associated with the latest trends in clothing, may be tacked on at various points. 

The jewellery producer will add a profit margin before selling the final product to a retailer. It is from this point that jewellery makers establish the prices. Therefore, regardless of raw material price fluctuations, they always know their cost of  pricing on each item because they can quantify all the production components.

Retail Price on the Internet

It is not uncommon for online stores to produce their castings and procure their raw materials (such as certified diamonds or precious/semiprecious stones) in the same manner as a manufacturer would. 

As a result, this is related to what was said earlier. They operate like a manufacturer and have no intermediaries except the end user. When selling jewellery, shop owners typically mark it up by an amount equal to their profit.

Service quality, product quality, and craftsmanship might vary widely from one location to the next. However, numerous online stores work hard to provide impartial reviews customers need to trust.

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Some online jewellery stores focus solely on importing and selling ready-made pieces overseas (to cut manufacturing costs). Due to decreased production costs, it is possible to purchase jewellery in its complete shape when made abroad at a reduced price. You can also buy this on the High Street, but with heftier markups in most cases.


cost of inherited Jewellery


A common misconception is that the reduced rates offered by internet firms are always the result of their decreased expenses. There are many internet stores like ours, and we have physical locations, personnel, and retail space. Appointment-only showings allow us to better serve our customers by giving them the space and time they need.

The overhead of many online shops is often more significant than that of many locally owned jewellers due to the high price of creating and promoting their websites. Although online jewellers typically have lower profit margins, the quality of their work varies widely. 

While our rates are significantly lower than those found on the High Street, we work daily with reputable gemological labs like GIA and IGI, always adhering to the minimum cut grade (Very Good) required by these institutions. 

In addition, we perform stringent quality tests before shipping to guarantee that every product meets our high expectations.

Retail on Main Street

Due to expensive rent, employees, and utilities, many jewellery stores on the high street try to undercut the competition by importing jewellery that has already been made or buying directly from the maker. However, since the producer has already contributed their margin, the final high retailers' profit might significantly affect savings you can discover online. 

Many online retailers now provide consultations because some customers prefer the security of purchasing in person. Due to the wide price gap between online and traditional jewellery stores selling similar things, the latter now face serious competition from their former online counterparts in the sale of jewellery.

Many boutiques on the high street offer superb quality and service, but their typical profit margins on jewellery are substantially higher.

Insurance Value

The replacement value used to determine an item's insurance value should be comparable to the cost of purchasing the item in question. This figure is typically substantially more significant than the item's original cost. 

When it comes to diamond rings, this is where the money goes. Most values should be sufficient to cover the covered item until the next scheduled appraisal. However, the valuation is not future-proof due to the fluctuating cost of raw materials.

cost of inherited Jewellery


Most unaffiliated jewellers provide valuations and appraisals alongside the objects they sell; the latter should not be confused with diamond certification, which should be mentioned on the valuation if appropriate.

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When generating an insurance valuation, it is crucial to consider the possibility of future, local, or High Street replacement. Due to this, we may confidently employ a decent numerical value. However, some of these prices are double or more of our standard markups.

Final Words

We'd also like to highlight something frequently overlooked when estimating the worth of a piece of jewellery. Estate jewellery, for instance, has a far higher value at auction than it would otherwise because of its history. 

Products manufactured in limited quantities, by skilled artisans, or for specific clients command a premium because of the time and care put into their creation. Carefully selecting a piece of jewellery and having it produced by hand or acquiring it from a well-known designer can significantly increase prices. 

Depending on the age, condition, and markings left by previous owners, antique jewellery can provide a wealth of information about its past. We recognise and understand the value of sentiment for most jewellery regardless of age, provenance, or material cost. 

There is no way to duplicate any of these items because they are all original. However, as experts in the jewellery industry, this is always something we keep in mind.