Square Diamond Rings: Difference between the Princess and Radiant Cut Engagement Rings

Square diamond rings radiant cut and princess cut


There are a plethora of options that are available when shopping for an engagement ring. You may find thousands of unique styles of rings, from the traditional halo to the eye-catching split shank. Yet, the princess cut and the radiant cut are among the most popular options for engagement rings today. 

These gorgeous square diamond cuts are genuinely one of a kind. However, these square diamonds appear the same while having different values. As a result, it may be challenging to determine which one is the ideal choice for the future bride. Therefore, we'll examine the differences between these two ring designs to assist you today.

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Everything will be discussed, including cost, brilliance, and durability. If you're ready to put an end to the argument about whether or not square diamond rings are beautiful, read on!

Princess Cut vs. Radiant Cut

Radiant Cut

The radiant cut diamond is a magnificent, angular cut with a unique flair. This elegant shape, easily identified by its signature sloping edges, first gained popularity in the early 1980s and has been rising ever since. Aside from its eye-catching shape, the 70 facets that make up the dazzling cut make it stand out.


Square diamond rings radiant cut diamond


This radiant cut engagement ring, when set in rose gold, shines brilliantly from every vantage point. The brilliant cut is a true gem in today's world because of its rich craftsmanship and beautiful elongated shape.

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Princess Cut

Another luxurious ring design, the princess-cut diamond, is distinguished by its refined angular appearance. Compared to the radiant cut, this one has sharper corners and protruding facets, giving it an antique and elegant look. Even more so than other cuts, the 58 facets of the princess cut make it stand out from the crowd.


Square diamond rings princess cut diamond


This cut has a genuine vintage and timeless quality because of the precise blend of brilliance and piercing angles. Therefore, the princess cut is one of the most widely purchased alternatives to the traditional round ring.

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Difference between a Princess and a Radiant Cut Square Diamond Ring

After learning a bit about these two different cuts, you may ask how they differ from one another. Diamonds of the radiant and princess cuts exhibit sharp geometric shapes immediately noticeable to the naked eye. But there are several distinctions between the two when one examines them closely.

When comparing the princess cut with the radiant cut, you'll notice that the princess cut has sharp, square edges while the radiant cut has sloped edges. Even though this is a slight distinction, it adds to each ring's texture and may influence your decision. So, let's make a brief comparison to see how they compare favourably against one another.

Which One will Last Longer?

The radiant cut is the best option if you're concerned about endurance. However, the princess cut is more vulnerable to cracking since its sharper corners are more likely to be chipped.

Which One is Less Costly?

The princess cut is your best bet if you're looking for a less expensive alternative. It's because very little of the raw diamond needs to be taken away during the princess cut process, making them more cost-effective. Therefore, if you go for a princess cut, you can save anywhere from 10-20% on your ring.

Which One Shines Brightest?

Finally, the radiant cut once more takes the prize for brilliance. Since it has more facets than the princess cut, the radiant cut shines more brightly. In addition, the princess cut is more delicate and smaller, while the radiant cut's flare is broad and vibrant.

Final Words

The princess cut and the radiant cut both provide unmatched beauty and elegance. Neither square diamond ring is inherently superior to the other, but the radiant cut has the advantage of being more long-lasting and visually impressive. Since they both are exquisite, the bottom line is that any bride would be thrilled to receive either of these cuts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does princess or radiant cut look bigger?

Brilliant and timeless, the princess cut was established in the middle of the twentieth century and delivered an appearance that has stood the test of time. However, the radiant cut is trendy in shape, appears more prominent, is more resilient, and has a moderate increase in brilliance and sparkle.

Is radiant cut the same as princess cut?

The radiant reflects light from multiple angles and appears to glow with blazing brightness. On the other hand, the princess cut displays "linear" light reflection, with the internal black and white facets resembling an "X."

Is princess cut more expensive than radiant?

You may expect to pay around 10% more for a radiant cut diamond than a princess cut diamond. However, you will find radiant cuts 34% less costly than a round brilliant cut diamond of the same carat weight and quality.