Sell Your Jewellery: What Affects The Value of Jewellery

Instructions for Marketing your Jewellery

The jewellery industry is enormous. It might be challenging to know how to sell your jewellery with so many different designers, metals, jewels, and historical periods to think about. In addition, the tastes of the public and those who acquire jewellery for personal use are subject to constant flux.

Let us put our experience to work for you to sell your jewellery for cash at the right price to the right buyers and without the hefty seller's fees that have grown commonplace at conventional auctions.

This manual is meant to educate you on the factors determining your jewellery's worth. Contact us if you're interested in selling your jewellery and would want a free, no-obligation estimate of its value.

Exactly What are Precious Metals?

Rare and naturally occurring metals are smelted into precious objects like jewellery. Because of their scarcity and industrial use, demand for precious metals is consistently high. Gold, silver, and platinum are some of the most widely used precious metals.

Precious metals are used in high-end jewellery because of their lustre, antiquity, and durability. The finest jewellery in the world often features rare metals and dazzling stones like diamonds.

  • Bridal diamond rings
  • Watches
  • Circulating coins are a popular hobby.
  • Historical Jewellery
  • Gems set in silver
  • Jewellery made of gold

Continue reading to learn the factors that might affect the pricing of diamonds and other precious metals.


The availability of diamonds and precious metals is a major factor in determining their prices. Unfortunately, it is not possible to cultivate or create precious metals, unlike other manufactured goods and agricultural commodities.

Some estimate that a cube 67 feet on a side could hold all of the world's gold. Incredible, right? Only by finding and extracting more gold can we hope to boost supply. Unfortunately, it is becoming more challenging to meet the rising demand for gold.

The mining industry has benefited from technological advancements that have facilitated the recovery of gold from ores (the rock mined out of the ground).

Finding new mining components may be challenging, but regions of abandoned mines that were formerly deemed unprofitable have recently been reopened. As a result, they are currently being mined, increasing the total quantity of gold available.

In addition, as a result of recycling, the environment benefits from fresh mining gold from previously extracted deposits.

Impact of Flow on Supply

There are a lot of gemstones and precious metals in circulation, even though mining is the primary source of fresh supplies. This can potentially affect the value of precious metals and jewels on the market, particularly gold and diamonds.

While no one thing could ever change the market, the aggregate impact of all items in circulation may be significant.


As with any commodity, demand for diamonds and other precious metals is set by consumers' level of interest in such commodities. Consequently, commercial and industrial sectors contribute to the need for this product.

A common theory about why diamonds and other precious metals are so expensive is that people will always want to adorn themselves with expensive jewellery. While this is a factor, the demand for these metals is driven mostly by their many practical and monetary applications. Gold's price, for instance, tends to rise as the dollar declines in value.

How can we go About Selling your Jewellery?

Luxury Brand Jewellery is here to assist you if you are interested in selling your jewellery but are unsure how to proceed. By taking care of all the logistics and paperwork and offering fully insured shipping alternatives, we make selling as easy as possible for you.

There are two methods by which we may assist you in selling jewellery:

  • To be exact, using a privately negotiated transaction mediated by us
  • Using specialized public auctions

When you sell your jewellery to us, we'll do our best to give you top dollar. We lay out your choices to help you decide what course of action is best for selling your jewellery.

What Factors Influence and How Much your Jewellery is Worthy?


Jewellery may be crafted by unknown artisans or by famous brands and designers. Famous designers and jewellery businesses like Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, and Georg Jensen naturally fetch higher prices than mass-produced knockoffs.

Moreover, pieces from renowned jewellery firms are more marketable than their fashion jewellery rivals because of their greater provenance and history.

Sell Your designer Jewellery


It is common practice for jewellery items created by well-known designers to be stamped with a maker's mark that identifies the artist and the workshop that created the piece.

You may use this data to get a more accurate price for your jewellery. However, the markings may be too little to be seen by the naked eye.

Indicative of the time it was made may either increase or decrease the value of a piece of jewellery. For instance, a brooch from the Art Deco era with a geometric design and bright colours will be more marketable than an Art Deco with none of these characteristics.


Whether it's gold, silver, or platinum, they are the metals often used to craft jewellery. Knowing the metal's purity is one way to gauge how well-made something is.

Examples of these variations in purity include gold, which may range from a low of.95% to a high of 99.9% in 24-carat varieties. Therefore, 24-carat gold is more precious than 9-carat gold (37.5% pure gold).

Sell Your metal Jewellery


It's important to choose a metal of a certain purity level when setting gems. For instance, you wouldn't put a 3-carat emerald in a 9-carat gold setting. Instead, 18-carat platinum, more durable than 9-carat gold, would be used.

The value of silver and platinum objects is also affected by the purity of the metals used to craft them. Therefore, both laboratory tests and hallmarks may be used to determine an item's authenticity and purity. For instance, sterling silver refers to silver fully hallmarked in the United Kingdom.


The value of jewellery that features gemstones will vary depending on several factors unique to each stone.

Sell Your gemstone Jewellery


The value of synthetic gemstones is lower than that of natural ones. Therefore, the value of your jewellery may also be affected by whether or not the gemstones in it have been treated.


The condition of your jewellery will, of course, affect its market value. The price drops if there are blemishes, such as dents, missing claws, or scratches.

Some types of jewellery, however, are pickier about the condition than others. For example, considering the malleable gold, a lost claw in a ring may be replaced with relative ease. On the other hand, enamel objects, like cameo brooches, are notoriously difficult to preserve and repair.

Sell Your Jewellery with perfect condition


In the same way, many precious stones have these characteristics. However, compared to others, certain gemstones are simpler to re-cut and re-polish.

Please attach images of any damage to the jewellery with your item photos so we can make an informed decision about the item's value.


The Green Hammerton Ring from the Middle Ages and a contemporary Cartier watch are just two examples of the wide range of jewellery styles sold at Luxury Brand Jewellery. Moreover, certain eras' worth of jewellery seems to be more sought after than others.

For instance, collectors of jewellery from the Victorian era (1837-1901) are more prized by collectors than similar pieces from the Retro era (1939-1950).

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Jewellery's age may be a good indicator of its uniqueness and worth. However, this is not always the case, and occasionally, more everyday items attract a premium based on several criteria, such as the designer.

As was previously discussed, jewellery from various eras is always more sought after if it represents the qualities of the era in which it was made. For example, jewellery from the same period with distinctive Art Nouveau swirls and natural themes will command a higher price than similar jewellery without these qualities.


A jewellery design may affect jewellery's worth since styles come and go.

Stud earrings and solitaire rings are two examples of classic jewellery. The popularity of brooches, on the other hand, has waned in recent decades. Since the Bronze Age, metal brooches have been used to fasten woollen cloaks and tunics.

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They were popular for a long time, but the 1980s saw their decline as fashion and fabric preferences shifted. Brooch pins are less likely to cause harm to clothes manufactured from more durable fabrics like wool than the clothing created today, which is often made from polyester and cotton.

Of course, this does not imply that brooches have no value; rather, they are now less widely traded than they formerly were. Art Deco brooches are quite popular and may sell for five figures.

Accessories like rings, necklaces, and earrings have always been popular, with varying prices for various designs throughout history.

How We can Assist you in Marketing and Selling your Jewellery

Private Sale

When you use our brokerage service, selling your jewellery is easy and hassle-free. For a commission, we'll mediate a deal between you and one of our private purchasers. . We charge a fee plus value-added tax for this service. This is a simple and fast option. Everything that has to be done, we will handle.


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As a result of our efforts, we have developed partnerships with many of the most reputable specialty auction houses in the world. Through our connections in the jewellery business, we can direct you to the auction house that will do the greatest job of selling your piece of jewellery.

Sell Your Jewellery in auction


This is of paramount importance given the high price of selling objects at regular auctions. We'll take care of finding the right auction house to sell your goods at.

Developments in Technology

Diamonds and other precious metals may rise or fall in price due to new technologies. Diamonds are a prime instance of this. Diamonds, despite their beauty, have practical use outside the jewellery industry. This is because diamonds are among the hardest substances known to man.

As a result, diamonds are often employed in the industrial sectors for drilling and polishing. Therefore, the rising price of diamonds may be attributed to the growing demand for them in industrial settings.

Fortunately, synthetic diamonds manufactured in a lab may be put to practical use in industry. These synthetic diamonds may not be ideal for jewellery due to their aesthetic flaws and lack of personality, but they serve their industrial purposes quite well.

Diamond prices are expected to fall as more and more businesses switch to synthetic alternatives.

Variations in Taste and the Culture at Whole

Diamond engagement rings, on the other hand, will likely never go out of style. However, other gemstones and precious metals may soon lose their lustre and be replaced by others. One such trend is substituting costume jewellery with expensive metals and stones. But like with other trends, this, too, must pass.

Economic Uncertainty

A recession is often seen at times when unemployment rates are very high. This might lead to a halt in market activity or even a decline. The market may be unsettled for some time after such an event. For example, when unemployment rates are high, the value of precious metals and diamonds falls, and when they are low, the value of these commodities rises.

The stock market becomes unstable when economic expansion is followed by contraction. For this reason, the value of diamonds and other valuable stones might skyrocket one day and plummet the next.

Political Uncertainty

There are two ways in which the diamond and precious metal markets might be impacted by political unpredictability.

First, the market for precious metals may be affected if many parliamentary parties campaign for votes. When it comes to fiscal policy, both parties have different ideas. The market does not care who wins, but it does want clarification on how the winner's actions will impact the market.

Second, political instability in nations where precious metals are mined might impact the availability side of the market. Worker strikes, changes in environmental legislation, and the need for mining licences are all potential disruptions.

Although miners may not be directly affected, these measures may significantly impact the sector as a whole, leading to unexpected price swings.


What determines the value of jewellery?

Particularly with chains and bracelets, the weight of your jewellery may give you a good idea of how much it's worth.

Coins made of very valuable metals, such as gold or platinum, are those that are very long and very heavy. Gold and silver are more valuable because they are heavier than the cheaper brass and pewter used in imitations.

Does all jewellery increase in value?

It's common knowledge that jewellery appreciates over time. However, the magnitude and speed of this appreciation are not well appreciated. This depends on various circumstances, including supply and demand for the necessary raw materials.

Is jewellery a good investment?

Buying jewellery is a certain method to increase your wealth. Gold and diamonds, for example, have been in great demand for ages, and this has remained true despite shifting fashions, political unrest, and economic fluctuations. So if you need to sell your jewellery, its continued high demand will ensure you make a profit.

Does jewellery lose value after purchase?

Is There a Decline in the Value of Jewellery? The vast majority of jewellery does lose value over time. From the earliest times, people have considered jewellery an extreme luxury item. Furthermore, the distinction between jewellery and money may be hazy, so it's not surprising that many people use jewellery as if it were cash.


Lastly, the worth of your item may also be significantly impacted by the brand name associated with it. For example, some consumers are more fascinated when told that costume jewellery may have significant value depending on the brand

These criteria establish the worth of the jewellery. Expert appraisals are popular and encouraged if you want to ensure you get the most money possible for your jewellery.

You Can Market Your Jewellery through luxury brand Jewellers' complimentary consultations with in-house gemmologists and experts to appraise high-value items. By taking advantage of the no-cost consultation, potential buyers can evaluate whether or not to pursue the sale of the jewellery being offered.