Sell Your Estate Jewellery Today

When the time comes to sell your estate jewellery, you want to do it with the assistance of experts who have your best interests in mind. You deserve best price when selling jewellery, especially if it is something you inherited.

Sell Your Estate Jewellery Today


Using our online auction platform, we can draw in several professional buyers who will bid for your estate jewellery. We also provide value-added services like cleaning, authentication, and photographing your jewellery before the auction. Therefore, when selling jewellery from an estate or inheritance, you can trust that we will provide you with fair market value and make the transaction simple and safe.

Why Choose Worthy to Sell your Luxury Brand Jewellery?

The simple truth is that our competitive edge comes from our unwavering commitment to our company's basic beliefs. We value your trust and confidence and want to provide you with complete satisfaction at every stage of the auction process.

You may have peace of mind knowing that your inherited or estate jewellery is safe and secure from the time you submit it for grading through the auction process due to insurance and a foolproof system in place. However, we want to do more than safeguard the process and the final auction outcome.

Higher Resale Value Due to Authenticity and Assurance

It is of the utmost importance for purchasers of luxury brand jewellery to ensure that the item they invest in is genuine. To alleviate any uncertainty, a hesitant bidder can submit a lesser offer.

However, many sellers of acquired and estate jewellery lack the expertise to independently authenticate and accurately describe their items, forcing them to rely on the opinion of a jeweller or appraiser who may have vested interests in the transaction.

We take a direct approach to this problem by including comprehensive grading from GIA and GSI laboratories, which promotes honesty on all fronts. In addition, the expert grade provides much more information about the pieces and their value. The result is higher bids at auction since increased buyer confidence encourages bidding.

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Sell Your Estate Jewellery Today


Steps for Selling Inherited Jewellery on Luxury Brand Jewellery

  • Give as much detail as you can about your jewellery. We will estimate a current market price based on the data you submit.
  • A FedEx mailing label to our main office will be provided, along with full insurance coverage.
  • After receiving your jewellery, we will photograph it and have it expertly graded at the GSI laboratory close to our headquarters.
  • You and the bidders on your products will access the report and the high-quality images taken by professionals.
  • With the live auction viewer, you must sit back and wait for the bids to come in. Then, accept the last offer; the cash is yours to spend as you like.

Facilitate Your Auction Sale by Making Sure You Know what Jewellery you have

You need to know what you're doing when selling estate jewellery, so familiarity with the many types of jewellery and their classifications is essential. Although the term "estate jewellery" may be used to describe any piece of previously owned jewellery, it is most often associated with pieces from a dead person's estate.

What to Think About When Selling a Ring from an Estate

Jewellery may be a priceless family inheritance based on its age, quality, rarity, and other aspects. Vintage and antique rings from prestigious estates are all the rage because of their one-of-a-kind designs and exquisite artistry. However, an estate ring's worth may be more subjective and harder to ascertain.

This is why we don't put a price on your estate jewellery at Luxury brand Jewellery. Instead, we like to assess them by experts and then let the auction's outcome speak for itself. To increase customer confidence and guarantee you get top dollar for your products, we've teamed up with the industry's two most respected grading labs: GIA and IGI.

In addition, we will locate the ideal customers. They are enthusiastic about inherited and estate items, making getting a reasonable price for your estate ring much simpler. A variety of considerations must be made before your item may be placed up for auction.


The rarity of an inherited or estate diamond is an essential consideration when trying to sell such a stone. Though the item is uncommon enough, its value will rise even if its condition is just fair. The experts at Luxury brand Jewellery have an extensive understanding of the jewellery trade and can accurately assess the piece's rarity. This is crucial in determining the appropriate market value for the product in question.


The ring's condition is the second most essential factor in establishing its worth. An appraiser will check the ring to discover whether any stones are missing or have been re-set. Estate rings altered from their original condition may have lost much value.

In addition to determining the item's age, the level of wear will be considered. As you would assume, the value of inherited items that have seen significant use is often lower than that of similar items in better shape.

Your jewellery will indeed be cleaned before being appraised, but if there is debris that cannot be removed, this may lower the item's value. Finally, the appraiser will check for flaws like colouring, pitting, moisture damage, temperature damage, greening, and more.

Overall Quality

The value is determined partly by the precious metals and gemstones used to make the item. If you make too many alterations to the components, you risk ruining them and reducing their worth. In most cases, the value of an estate ring will be higher if it has not been altered from its original condition.

Sell Your Estate Jewellery Today


Don't make any changes to an estate ring if you intend on selling it since this will likely reduce its value. To avoid ruining or drastically altering your ring, it should only be fixed by a trained expert. Having your ring resized requires a jeweller's expertise, but the result should be almost undetectable.

A Higher Return on Selling Estate Jewellery

It has always taken a great deal of time and effort to locate the perfect buyer and gather all the necessary information when selling an estate or inherited jewellery. You may discover that, despite your best efforts, no reasonable offer has been made. Here are a few examples of how Worthy improves your life:

Top Gemmological Grading

A piece of jewellery graded is automatically more valuable owing to an improved level of buyer trust in both its value and its offer, as was noted before.

No Logistics Required

We can handle everything for you, from sending to sorting. In addition to providing insurance for the cargo, we will also arrange for a free pickup by FedEx at any time that suits you.

HD 360 Photographs

Our professionals capture your jewellery from every aspect in the greatest lighting and quality to make it stand out and obtain offers.


Sell Your Estate Jewellery Today


Why People Sell Jewellery from Estates

Some sellers don't want the jewellery because they don't like it, while others are looking to recoup some of the costs associated with an unexpected inheritance or bequest. Finally, some people invest the money in a once-in-a-lifetime experience or save it to help them realize their future aspirations.


What do you do with an inherited ring?

You may either retain it or put it up for sale. The question of whether or not you would put it on is a tough one, but you need to be honest with yourself. Why retain the ring at all if it's simply going to collect dust in a safe deposit box at the bank and has no significant emotional significance to you?

How do I sell my valuable jewellery?

The jeweller may buy it from you outright, take it on consignment, send big or rare items to an auction, and act as your diamond broker.

How is the value of jewellery determined?

An heirloom piece of jewellery's true value is its constituent parts' market value. The worth of a piece of fine jewellery is often based on a combination of its metal content and the cost of its gemstones. Style, condition, brand, market demand, and similar intangibles do not impact the price.


Luxury brand jewellery is a great way to sell your estate jewellery. Most people are willing to pay more for a name-brand piece of jewellery, which can often be easier to sell. By selling your jewellery to a luxury brand jewellery, you can get the most money for it and help ensure that it goes to a good home.