Ring Stacking Guide

Rings are the ideal accessory for expressing oneself, marking significant occasions, and adding flair to any ensemble. We encourage you to check out our styling advice, ring stacking hints, and how-to guides if you want to dabble in this fashionable jewellery trend.

A Ring Stack: What Is It?

A ring stack is precisely that—a collection of multiple rings worn on the same finger at the same time. One of the most popular types of ring stacks is a wedding ring set, but stacking rings isn't just for married couples. Everyone can stack their favourite rings together. This look is usually achieved by wearing two or more stacking rings concurrently.

Styles of Modern Stacked Rings

For years, ring stacks have been a hot topic in fashion, with many designers producing looks that work well together to create a whole look. Celebrities have also taken to donning stacked rings; some of the most well-known wearers of this style include Jennifer Lopez, Lauren Conrad, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Garner, Rihanna, and Meghan Markle.

Styles of Modern Stacked Ring

There is a lot of versatility in this frequently maximalist jewellery style when it comes to occasionally switching up the appearance. Additionally, it can be surprisingly inexpensive, depending on the pieces you add to your stack of rings. A stack of rings has a lot of style longevity.

Setting up of a Ring Stack

Are you prepared to begin stacking? By following these steps, create a ring stack that represents your style and might have sentimental significance.

1. Determine Your Size

Make sure you're selecting the correct size if you're stacking on a finger that you don't typically wear rings on—view the ring size chart to determine which size best suits your stack. Because thinner band rings are the focus of most stacks, sizing can be standardised.

However, you might consider going up a size for some of the pieces in your stack if you're stacking more than three rings or if the stack extends beyond your first knuckle, covering a larger portion of your finger.

A stacked look may fit slightly tighter than thinner bands by themselves when it encompasses a larger portion of your finger. This is just that sometimes a thicker band or group of bands together can fit fingers more snugly; it doesn't mean that your fingers have changed size.

We suggest ordering a half size larger for stacks of rings wider than 7 mm and a quarter size larger for rings in stacks 5–6 mm wide.

2. Select A Metal Hue

When assembling a stack, select the metal and colour that best suits your style if you're unsure where to begin. We have stackable rings in rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, or platinum. Stacks of gold rings are among the most common options, but you should pick a metal that complements your style.

Selecting a monochromatic metal is a terrific way for people new to ring stacking to start with this fashion.

Creating a stack in a single metal lets you dress stylishly without worrying about things not matching. However, marching to your style's beat can be enjoyable if you want to purposefully mismatch.

3. Experiment with colours, gemstones, and textures

Selecting distinctive details, gemstones, and textures for every ring in your stack can help you achieve a cohesive yet eye-catching look. For instance, think about stacking an emerald ring and a 2mm plain metal ring with a braided band.

Three distinct visual textures are added to this type of stack, and gemstones are added for even more colour contrast. You can also try stacking different coloured metals together for even more contrast.

Make sure the rings you choose complement each other for prolonged wear by choosing rings of the same fineness. It's fashionable to wear 14k gold rings in various colours, like rose and yellow gold combinations, in a single stack. The most crucial aspect of ring stacking is selecting an ensemble of clothes that go well together.

4. Be Personal

You can add as much personalisation and significance to your stack of rings as you like. While some treat their stack like a charm bracelet, adding new rings to mark special occasions, others prefer to build a stack just for fashion's sake.

You can customise your stack of rings to whatever degree you find comfortable; there is no hard and fast rule for personalisation. There are several chic options to add some personality to your stack.

Rings with birthstones are common additions to stacks. These rings can be used to honour a birthday or the month of a noteworthy event. Another option is adding an engraved ring to the stack or a cocktail ring that serves as the centrepiece and embodies your style.

5. Take a Chance

It's time to experiment if you want to elevate the look once you've decided on your metal style and any customised pieces for your stack. This can involve extending the stack motif to other fingers or adding a midi ring style. Add matching extra-finger platinum, white gold, yellow gold, or pink gold rings to your stack to finish the look.

6. Construct the Stack at Your Own Pace

You can build this style gradually, even though you might be itching to wear your ring stack all at once if you're on a limited budget or want to wear a commemorative stack. Get your stacking rings as soon as possible and assemble your perfect ensemble all at once or piecemeal.

Which Finger Is Most Effective for Ring Stacking?

The ring finger is the most common choice for stacking wedding band styles like a three-ring stack or a pear engagement ring stack. Any finger can sport a chic ring stack for fashion rings. Like jewellery, there is no hard and fast rule regarding which finger to stack rings. The key is to choose a look that expresses your individuality and sense of style.

Ideas for Stacking Rings

Stacking rings can add a stylish element to any ensemble. Choose a faux ring stack to create a classic look, with a different gemstone in each row.

Other pre-made stacks, mixed-tone designs with various metal shades and gemstone cuts, can also serve as inspiration. Drawing inspiration from pre-made stacks, you can create your assortment of stackable bands and rings by deciding on a single metal shade and assembling various combinations.

Ideas for Stacking Rings

If you want to wear three gold rings together, consider building your stack out of rings of the same shade. For an interesting ring stack that mixes various gemstones and textures, we recommend pairing a baguette emerald ring with a twisted and milgrain gold band.

If you'd like to mix and match metal shades, try experimenting with different tones of the same metal type, such as combining rose, white, and yellow gold pieces. Select a comparable gemstone for the rings, such as a stack of diamond rings that stack on different bands, to maintain a unified look throughout the collection.

The cohesion of the stack will be maintained even if the diamonds in the rings have different cuts, for example, a pear ring paired with a band of pavé-set diamonds.

How Much Should You Stack of Rings?

You can create a distinctive jewellery look by combining as many rings as you like. Most start with just two rings stacked to see how much they like the look. Because it allows for more sparkle, building a three-ring stack is also very popular.

The ideal number of rings is as many as you feel comfortable wearing. Most people focus on stacks at the base of their fingers when deciding how many rings to stack below a knuckle.

Are Rings Damaged by Stacking?

Stacking rings won't harm them if your look is well-planned. Stacking rings of the same fineness and metal types is best to preserve their best qualities. Even though they can be different colours of gold, it is best to wear a 14k yellow gold ring stacked with other 14k gold styles. Only platinum rings should be stacked if you decide to do so. The rings can be preserved by maintaining a consistent metal type and karat stack.

How To Address Spaces Between Ring Stacks?

Remember to leave gaps when you assemble the rings to create a chic jewellery statement. Certain rings—like split bar design—will purposefully leave gaps. Any stacked ring look can benefit from adding gaps, especially if there are just one or two.

How To Address Spaces Between Ring Stacks?

However, you can choose rings that are all the same shape if you'd like to prevent gaps in your style. For example, you can choose simple bands without any curves. Even with meticulous planning, there may be a small gap. Adding a thin band is one way to fill in those gaps in the stack.

Tips on Ring Stacking

There are no hard rules about how to start stacking when it comes to the current style. To make matching between the components of your stacked rings easier, we suggest picking one element to establish coherence between the rings you're wearing.

Choosing rings composed of the same metal or gemstones with similar visual qualities, such as using the same type of gemstone for each ring or vibrant gems in the same hue, can simplify this process.

Since only one component joins the rings, you can mix and match as you play with various designs, materials, and ring widths to create an exclusive stack!

Remember these quick tips for ring-stacking: Add a unifying element to the mixing and matching by choosing bands of various metal shades or gemstone colours that match or differ.

  • Verify the dimensions of your ring. Consider increasing some of the rings by half a size if you plan to build a thicker stack to ensure a more comfortable fit.
  • Assemble the stack at your speed to create the look that most closely reflects your style.
  • Assemble your stack, starting with a striking ring.
  • Use different thicknesses of rings to prevent gaps. Thinner, smaller rings work well for covering spaces.
  • When in doubt, don a fake stack to become accustomed to this appearance.

Enjoy yourself while creating a fashionable ring stack—that's the best advice. This versatile jewellery style is ideal for customisation and original pairings. Start by perusing our entire ring collection.