How to determine when it is the Best Time to Sell Estate Jewellery

Suppose you have an antique piece of jewellery or estate jewellery left to you by a loved one. In that case, you may be torn between keeping it out of sentimental value or Selling estate jewellery to make some additional income.

Right Time to Sell Estate Jewellery


You can also feel uneasy about getting rid of anything that was gifted to you, even if it isn't your style, because you might want to keep it for your child to have one day, or you might feel uneasy about getting rid of something that was gifted to you.

Customers come to Luxury Brand Jewellery every day to Sell estate jewellery. Each of them has a unique tale about how and why they decided that now is the best moment to sell their delicate jewellery items and why they went with Luxury Brand Jewellery.

This article is a guide to help you decide when the right time is to sell your antique or estate jewellery if you have some in your collection that you are considering getting rid of. If you have some antique or estate jewellery in your collection, you may be thinking about getting rid of it.

Best time to sell Estate Jewellery

You don't wear them

Let's be honest: some folks aren't the type to wear Jewellery. Whether you never put any jewellery on, it doesn't matter if you have an extensive collection of antique or vintage Jewellery; you won't get any use out of it.

Perhaps you favour wearing something understated, even though all of the estate jewellery you own consists of gorgeous but ostentatious items. If this is the case, Selling estate jewellery will allow you to make a respectable sum of money, which you can subsequently put towards buying something else (maybe even other Jewellery).

They are no longer in the fashion

As was described earlier, Estate jewellery is typically understood as Jewellery that has been acquired from the estate of a person who has passed away. Most of the time, these are either antique or vintage objects.

The issue with antique or vintage Jewellery is that most of the time, they are no longer considered fashionable.

You can't possibly make use of them now?

What if it's Jewellery meant for guys, and you're a woman? But what if it's Jewellery designed for women, and you're a man? If you store items in your jewellery box that you do not wear or use, you are enabling those items to take up room and increase the likelihood of losing value.

Even though the price of gold has generally increased over time, there is likely something else you could do with the money. Instead, it would be best to sell them and put the money you get towards something else. Invest in some jewellery that you might genuinely put to good use.

Having unhappy associations with them due to the past

Not everything that has "importance" is a good thing. That is to say, there are instances when the Jewellery you own may have no purpose other than to serve as a reminder of something you would prefer not to think about.

Right Time to Sell Estate Jewellery


You are now stuck with this piece of Jewellery that serves as a continual reminder of whatever has transpired, whether it be an unpleasant breakup, a contentious divorce, or a tragic death in the family. So why should we keep it?

Instead of keeping things, you should consider Selling estate jewellery so you may put the money to better use somewhere and go on with your life.

Discover items that are valuable to you

When looking for vintage Jewellery, estate sales and auctions are the best places to seek. When purchasing items sold as genuine antiques, make sure to ask the jeweller for a certificate.

Other areas to get reasonable prices on Jewellery include; internet auctions, particularly those held by individuals who are not very informed about their Jewellery. In these kinds of auctions, you may find excellent Estate jewellery that you can mark up and Sell estate jewellery for a profit.

Finally, keep an eye out at pawn shops and garage sales because you never know when you might strike it rich and find something of value to add to your collection at a price you can afford.

Be aware of your Jewellery

Always check the item for the maker's mark before purchasing it, as most vintage Jewellery will have this information on it. This information is the first clue that the artefact is antique and deserves further study because of its historical significance.

In addition, patina is a sign of age, so when shopping for Jewellery, look for pieces that have developed one. The next step is to examine the piece's reverse side, where you should search for an initial or a mark that belongs to the maker.

Finally, if the item appears to be ancient, you should examine the state of the Jewellery and do certain checks, such as ensuring that all of the stones are set correctly and are not loose.

Price your pieces

Find out how much each piece is worth using the internet or a printed jewellery pricing guide. Find out how much money other people made selling similar pieces of Jewellery or pieces manufactured by the same jewellery maker at auction.

Right Time to Sell Estate Jewellery


In the end, you should consider the price at which the seller asks for the item to determine whether or not you can mark it up sufficiently to earn a profit while also compensating yourself for the effort and resources you put into finding it.

To determine the possibilities for making a profit, compare the price they demand with the price you believe you can Sell estate jewellery for.

Locate potential sales platforms

There are a variety of approaches to finding purchasers, one of which is to offer your Jewellery for sale on online auction websites like eBay. However, to develop credibility with subsequent bidders who may be interested in purchasing Jewellery from you in the future, you must request feedback after Selling estate jewellery.

Flea markets and selling items on consignment to boutiques or antique shops that specialise in Selling estate jewellery of this kind are two more potential marketplaces for your items.

If you buy Estate jewels, you may consider holding an auction and working with a local auctioneer who already has a clientele of individuals who are interested in purchasing antique Jewellery.

Additional options for the sale

The price that you could get from a retail customer is the best one you could get for your estate jewels. There are many different methods to get your word out to the public, and one of those ways is through the newspaper.

The use of public bulletin boards is an easy and low-cost technique to communicate with members of the community. Try looking for bulletin boards in your neighbourhood or at your place of work. You might also succeed using online bulletin boards, provided you look for and locate the appropriate one.

If you ask around your relatives and friends, you might find someone interested in purchasing. Creativity is a potent instrument when it comes to communicating with public members.

Please use your creativity and think of who might be interested in purchasing my particular estate jewellery, then contact those people.

Why do people decide to sell Estate Jewellery with Luxury Brand Jewellery?

People are often surprised to hear how vital transparency, client happiness, and peace of mind are to us. Luxury Brand Jewellery believes that you deserve excellence throughout every step of the sales process, beginning when you ask for an appraisal and continuing until your item receives its final bid.

Right Time to Sell Estate Jewellery


This commitment to superior service starts when you make your initial enquiry. Then, when you choose to Sell estate jewellery by utilising our services, your valuables are fully protected by insurance. Remove

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us (Luxury Brand Jewellery).

Where to sell Estate Jewellery? Best place to sell Estate Jewellery

Jewellery Heritage

The fact that a customer has Jewellery left to them by a loved one who has passed away is one of the most prevalent factors that bring that customer into our store. As a loved one once owned the jewellery items, Luxury Brand Jewellery customers often find it challenging to choose the appropriate time to Sell estate jewellery.

Many believe the sale timing must be just right to avoid social blunders or guilty feelings. So even if they don't have any memories connected to the Jewellery, Luxury Brand Jewellery customers frequently feel sorry about parting with estate jewels.

Right Time to Sell Estate Jewellery


However, this is a very ordinary event, and there is no reason to feel guilty about it. Bring any beautiful jewellery you've inherited for an evaluation at Luxury Brand Jewellery, even if it's not to your taste and you have no use for it. Luxury Brand Jewellery will be happy to help you determine the value of your estate jewellery.

There is never any commitment attached to receiving a quote from us, so if you feel that now is not the best moment to Sell estate jewellery, you are under no obligation to do so. Above all things, we work hard to ensure our customers have a pleasant experience.

Differing Styles

Because fashion evolves alongside the passage of time, the Jewellery that our grandparents wore isn't necessarily to our liking in this day and age. So you should look for the best place to Sell estate jewellery near you if you have inherited estate jewellery that you do not have a sentimental tie to.

You can then bring it in for an evaluation at the best place to Sell estate jewellery near you. Jewellery from any era, including the Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, mid-century retro modern, and contemporary periods, can be bought and sold from Luxury Brand Jewellery.

We will buy any fine Jewellery from you, including antique pieces, regardless of age. So if you want to get rid of some jewellery, bring it in!

What about investing

Investing in antique or Estate Jewellery might be the ideal method to distinguish oneself from the crowd while acquiring a rich piece of history and mystery. For this, Luxury Brand Jewellery is always there to guide to and help you out. Luxury Brand Jewellery has an extensive collection of vintage pieces spanning multiple eras and notable brands.

You can click through to explore our collection, or you can schedule an appointment. Various factors could lead you to the conclusion that the time has come for you to finally let go of a piece of antique or estate Jewellery.

Difficulty in terms of money

When customers find themselves in a position where they need to Sell estate jewellery, this is another popular reason for them to do so. You may find that the need for additional cash overcomes any sentimental value you may have associated with a piece and that you will be forced to sell estate jewellery to make ends meet. 

Even though the explanations mentioned above are all genuine, there's also the possibility that you only want to sell your estate jewellery because you want to make some money.

Without a shadow of a doubt, it is undeniable that money is significantly more helpful than Jewellery, and by Selling estate jewellery, you can: At Luxury Brand Jewellery, you may Sell estate jewellery for the highest possible price, whether you need the money to make this month's rent payment or you want some extra spending money.

The most common errors that Jewellery vendors can commit

When dealing with customers in the general public, having appropriate safeguards is essential. Do not Sell estate jewellery to the general public if you do not have a method by which you may arrange to meet the possible purchaser in a public location.

It is best to arrange to meet the Estate jewellery buyers in a general location, such as a restaurant or a shopping mall. I would propose the buyer's bank because, if they decide to go through with the purchase, they can immediately retrieve the cash from the bank and complete the deal.

Right Time to Sell Estate Jewellery


In addition, the bank should have some backup protection if something goes wrong. There are a few more measures and precautions that should be taken. Let someone know the date, time, and location of your meeting. You may even inform them that after the meeting, you would phone them to check in to see how everything went.

Having a cell phone at your disposal is beneficial. Going with a companion is another smart move that should be considered. I have encountered persons with someone else standing nearby and observing the interaction.

Do not put yourself in harm's way to make a little extra dollars from the sale of your estate jewellery. Selling estate jewellery is not something that happens every day.

Visit Luxury Brand Jewellery if you are interested in learning more about the process of Selling estate jewellery or if you would want to find out how much your existing Jewellery is now worth. Our seasoned gemologists and Jewellery estate  buyers look forward to conversing with you.

Who buys Estate Jewellery, and where can i find the best Estate Jewellery?

It is possible to start your search for the ideal piece at an auction; however, you should be accompanied by someone like Luxury Brand Jewellery who is "in the know" to avoid paying too much for the goods you purchase. 

At auctions, it is simple to get sucked into a competitive bidding situation; thus, you should set a maximum price for yourself before you go, and you shouldn't permit yourself to pay more than necessary.

Right Time to Sell Estate Jewellery


Moreover, you can Visit Luxury Brand Jewellery, a trustworthy or recommended merchant who sells Estate jewellery, if you want a more accessible and safer alternative to buying Estate jewellery online.


Always do your homework before purchasing; you want to ensure you're getting a good deal on a high-quality item that will hold its value. However, because there is a high demand for Estate pieces, you need to hurry if you come across something that you find appealing. 

Contact Luxury Brand Jewellery if you don't want to be the one to miss out on the "one of" item of your dreams. What do you consider to be the most beautiful type of antique Jewellery?

Please share your thoughts with Luxury Brand Jewellery. If you ever need an appraisal, call Luxury Brand Jewellery so that they can put you in touch with a qualified appraiser in your region. Don't hesitate to contact us whenever you decide to Sell estate jewellery.

The staff here at Luxury Brand Jewellery are dedicated to ensuring you never have to experience any of those nightmare scenarios. So are you interested in buying or selling Estate Jewellery? 

There is never a bad time to look for Buyers of estate jewellery, regardless of whether you have inherited something that isn't to your liking or you need  some more money right now.

Get in touch with Luxury Brand Jewellery right now if you are prepared to Sell estate jewellery to a trustworthy and open-minded jewellery buyer like us.