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Oval diamond engagement ring



An oval-cut diamond engagement ring is an attractive option for you to consider if you are searching for a ring that is not only beautiful but also shimmers and combines a traditional appearance with a more contemporary feel.

The oval shape of diamonds has recently become quite popular. These fancy-shaped diamonds have been more popular lately, appearing on the fingers of numerous celebrities, including Hailey Bieber, Bachelorette Joelle (Jojo) Fletcher, and Blake Lively.

Our collection of oval diamond engagement rings provides an intriguing range of one-of-a-kind rings, enabling you to pick a design that speaks to the love you share with your significant other.

These rings are a combination of time-honoured methods and contemporary artistic techniques. Think carefully about whether a solitaire, pavé, halo, or trilogy setting is suitable since they all create different looks and effects in an engagement ring.

If you like the curves and brightness of a round-cut diamond but are looking for something a bit different for an engagement ring, consider an oval diamond. Explore our entire collection of design types below to see the variety of oval diamond engagement rings our designers have created for you.

It's easy to understand why oval-cut diamonds are so famous; they're beautiful, well-shaped shapes that beautifully display the stone's brilliance. Whether you're already acquainted with diamonds and have settled on an oval-cut diamond engagement ring, or you're just getting started, there's a lot to discover.

What exactly is an Oval-Cut diamond?

Diamonds in an oval shape are classic and elegant without sacrificing fire and brilliance. Their classic cut is comparable to a round diamond, but their elongated form is complementary and occupies more room on the finger.

The numerous facets of a brilliant-cut diamond make it shine brighter than any other kind of diamond. For example, an oval cut ring of diamond has 58 facets, making the most of the light's reflection and "sparkling" visually spectacularly.

Like round-cut diamonds, oval diamonds are beautiful, but their elongated form adds a sophisticated touch and because of their extended structure, they give the impression of being more significant than round-cut diamonds and may thus serve as a viable alternative.

The origin of the Oval diamond shape

The current oval-cut diamond was devised in 1957 by a Russian-born diamond cutter called Lazare Kaplan. Kaplan was raised in an environment where he often assisted his uncle, a third-generation jeweller. Although he had a reputation for being an expert cleaver, it wasn't until he created the contemporary oval cut diamond that he became generally known.

Finding the right Oval-Cut diamond

Determining your financial limits is the first and most crucial step in selecting your diamond. We recommend prioritizing one of the four C's—colour, cut, Clarity, or carat weight—when shopping for a diamond.

Prioritize the Cs from most to least significant. There is, in our opinion, no proper response to this question since it is so highly contextual. However, we do provide a few recommendations.

Brilliant cuts like the oval shape provide stunning brilliance in diamonds. However, compared to round-cut diamonds of the same carat weight, diamonds that have been given an elliptical shape tend to give the impression that they are bigger than they are.

This indicates that an oval weighing 1 carat will seem more significant on the hand than a round weighing 1 carat.

Let's talk about diamond colour, as this is another aspect of diamonds in which people have different tastes. Oval-cut diamonds retain heat better than other diamond shapes. Thus colour is an important consideration when buying an oval-cut diamond.

If you are colour sensitive, we suggest you stick to diamonds ranging from D to G in terms of hue. However, spend less money on a diamond that still shows warmth by going down to the H hue or below.

When shopping for an oval cut diamond, the ratio of its length to its breadth is another crucial consideration. The distance-to-width ratio shows how an oval-cut diamond is shaped as a whole. A balance between 1.3 and 1.6 is standard.

The human visual system interprets a length to breadth ratio of 1.3 as seeming shorter and a ratio of 1.6 as more elongated. This is significant because various ovals might better complement multiple fingers and hand shapes.

This is also essential when determining how you want your oval-cut diamond engagement ring to appear and stack with wedding bands.


Oval diamond engagement ring colors
Oval diamond engagement ring measurement
Oval diamond engagement ring size in carat comparision


when picking an oval-cut diamond, it's best to go with one that is eye-clean and has inclusions more on the periphery than in the heart. Oval cut diamonds are ideal for concealing flaws because of their many facets.

A selection of Luxury Brand Jewellery's finest Oval-Cut diamond engagement rings

To answer the question, "Are oval diamond rings common?" The short answer is yes. It's not hard to select the ideal ring mounting for an oval diamond setting since the form complements many distinct aesthetic preferences and individual characters.

There is no shortage of options when designing an oval-cut diamond engagement ring, but several settings stand out as fan favourites.


Oval diamond engagement ring


French cut diamonds in a 3/4 down basket setting

An oval-cut diamond looks stunning in this delicate ring and basket setting. The French Cut Pave concealed halo and the open basket design makes the centre stone the focal point, with the band serving as a shimmering accent. Everybody would be stunned by this absolute beauty.

  • Three-quarters of the way around the 1.5mm ring are paved diamonds.
  • It can accommodate diamonds of varying sizes.
  • You may choose a 14K, 18K, 19K, or 950 Platinum band.


Oval diamond engagement ring


Engagement setting of custom 3-row micro paves basket

This three-row micro pavé diamond engagement ring setting suits your finger perfectly. This engagement ring setting is perfect for those who want a magnificent sparkle moment but still like to highlight their oval diamond.

Similar to the stunning engagement ring that Ryan Reynolds presented to Blake Lively, this one is sure to wow.

  • A ring with 2.20mm width and 108 stones was placed circumferentially.
  • Allows for any size or shape of diamond to be put in it.
  • You may choose a 14K, 18K, 19K, or 950 Platinum band.


Oval diamond engagement ring


Cutting-edge platinum-basket engagement ring-setting

For the perfect thin-band engagement ring, choose this solitaire with a band so narrow that the knife edge disappears when worn. As a result, the oval cut diamond you decide to place in this platinum prong setting will shine brightly. In addition, you may add your unique radiance to this oval-cut diamond ring by having a concealed halo created just for you.

  • Wide band that measures 1.7 millimetres
  • Allows for any size or shape diamond to be put in it.
  • You may choose a 14K, 18K, 19K, or 950 Platinum band.

Oval cut diamond – cut quality

The quality of a diamond's cut is considered an essential factor in determining its overall brilliance and fire, as well as its intrinsic attractiveness and structure. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) cuts grades for various shapes, including Round Brilliant Cuts, but not for Oval Cut Diamonds.

As such, standard cut requirements for a great Oval are unreachable because of the Oval's complicated and unique structure. Despite what some claim, there is no secret formula for choosing the optimal table percentage.

First and foremost, the beauty of an Oval Diamond depends on the viewer and the recipient's perception of the gemstone. Focus on Oval Cut Diamonds and read up on them. Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping for the best with your purchase, take the necessary precautions.

We include our general Cut Quality standards below to give a basic guideline for an expertly cut oval diamond. However, remember that these are only guidelines and that you shouldn't use them to evaluate a diamond without first seeing it in person and consulting an expert.

Oval cut diamond – cut quality recommendations



Very Good




Table %

53 - 63

52 or 64 - 65

51 or 66 - 68

50 or 69 - 70

<50 or >70

Depth %

58 - 62

56 - 57.9 or 62.1 - 66

53 - 55.9 or 66.1 - 71

50 - 52.9 or 71.1 - 74

<50 or >74


Very Thin – Slightly Thick

Very Thin – Thick

Very Thin – Very Thick

Extremely Thin – Extremely Thick




Very Small




Length/Width Ratio

1.35 - 1.50

1.30 - 1.34 or 1.51 - 1.55

1.25 - 1.29 or 1.56 - 1.60

1.20 - 1.24 or 1.61 - 1.65

>1.20 or <1.65

Bowtie effect in oval cut diamonds

Almost all oval-cut diamonds have a bowtie appearance caused by the diamond's unique, elongated form. The shady area runs through the middle of a diamond and is referred to as the bowtie. When it comes to diamonds, the severity of a bowtie may range from hardly detectable to immediately apparent.

If the bowtie of an Oval Cut Diamond ring is too large, it will detract from the stone's overall appeal. So make sure you don't choose an Oval Diamond where the bowtie is too prominent.

Look at the following images and note the difference between diamonds with and without bowties.

Oval cut diamond – Clarity

The GIA grades Clarity from best to worst:

  • IF – Internally Flawless
  • VVS1 – Very Very Small Inclusions 1
  • VVS2 – Very Very Small Inclusions 2
  • VS1 – Very Small Inclusions 1
  • VS2 – Very Small Inclusions 2
  • SI1 – Small Inclusions 1
  • SI2 – Small Inclusions 2
  • I1 – Inclusions 1
  • I2 – Inclusions 2

Oval diamonds are excellent for concealing flaws and imperfections due to the form of the stone. However, it is difficult to spot flaws in the area close to the rounded end or where the jewellery set will be placed.

This is why an SI1 or SI2 is your best bet for achieving maximum Clarity while spending the least money. Of course, you can spend more money on a higher clarity grade, but you won't be able to see the difference to the naked eye; instead, put that money toward a more considerable carat weight or more desirable cut.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big should an oval wedding ring be?

An ideal oval diamond should be close to 7.75 mm and 5.50 mm in width. The oval cut diamond will seem more significant than the round brilliant cut diamond of the same carat weight.

What setting looks best with an oval diamond?

The prong setting is well recommended for oval diamonds. Most diamonds are set in prongs because they are the most traditional and famous, allowing more light to penetrate the diamond and making it seem brighter. The standard number of prongs in a setting is four; however, sometimes, six prongs are used.

How many prongs should an oval diamond ring have?

A setting with six prongs is required To maintain the excellent look of an oval diamond. Three prongs hold each end, and there is six total. The breathtaking radiant cut calls for a mounting with four prongs to secure the stone's facets and protect them from damage. There is another kind of diamond that has to have four prongs, and that is the cushion cut diamond.

What does an oval ring symbolize?

This particular form of stone is meant to convey originality and personality, as well as the concept of breaking limits while paying homage to and honouring customs and traditions. This stone form also represents fertility, rebirth, and family, all because it is shaped like an egg.

Are oval diamonds more expensive?

Oval diamonds have a lower demand, even though they are more scarce than round and princess-cut stones. Therefore, to choose an oval diamond engagement ring, you should not have to spend more than you can afford. Ovals are often roughly 20% less costly than rounds of an identical size!

Do all oval diamonds have a bow tie?

When a stone is faceted into an oval shape, the centre of the rock looks like a bowtie. Even though a bowtie is a necessary component of an oval-cut diamond, not all bowties are the same. They may have varying degrees of prominence and influence on how well something performs.


Due to its rarity, an oval-cut diamond is a superb purchase online. Instead of being limited to the diamonds physically available in a store's case line, internet shoppers may peruse a more comprehensive selection.