Inheriting Estate Jewellery: What Should You Do?

Experiencing Difficulties with Your Estate's Jewellery?

Are you worried about your estate jewellery? Many people don't know what to do with a box of beautiful jewellery after a loved one dies.

However, you can put your jewellery to good use by selling any heirloom pieces you've inherited. Precious gemstones can be repurposed and given new meanings as an alternative to collecting dust on a shelf. Plus, this jewellery can help you out financially when times are tough.

Inheriting Estate Jewellery


Estate jewellery is sometimes a tangible reminder of a loved one or a relationship symbol. Yet, it is only wise to keep things that are meaningful to you and to which you have an emotional attachment. Otherwise, you might consider selling them, as doing so could net you some cash.

When going through tough times, it's best to part ways with your jewellery. So, if you need some advice or assistance, Luxury Brand Jewellery is here to assist you.

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Trading Your Heirloom Jewellery is Fine

It's understandable that the thought of parting with cherished family heirlooms, such as jewellery, could be stressful and even cause emotions of guilt. However, despite how it may make you feel, you have no reason to feel shame over this.

No good can come from feeling guilty about selling something that would ultimately nourish or improve your life and happiness. It makes no sense to keep anything just because you feel bad about getting rid of it.

Just letting go of an object doesn't mean you have to forget all the good times you had with it. You are merely seeking an alternative means by which to honour the deceased. Whether the memorial is a shared experience or a physical relic, it will be cherished as a part of the family's history since the choices are endless.

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Luxury Brand Jewellery provides a free estate jewellery evaluation service to help you determine which pieces of jewellery are worth keeping and which are not. Luxury Brand Jewellery can also sort the quality pieces from the custom jewellery and give you a rough estimate of the collection's worth.

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For us, Jewellery Ranks First

Our heart lies in the world of jewellery. We look forward to each day and each new piece of jewellery we get to evaluate. As the largest jewellery buyer, we understand the emotional toll that selling heirloom pieces from a deceased loved one's inheritance can take.

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We always maintain the utmost discretion and treat all inquiries and clients with the utmost care. We offer you to consider all the possibilities we suggest without any pressure or commitment on your part.

Inheriting Estate Jewellery


Our competent staff are always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns. So, reach out to us.


1. Is there a market for selling Estate Jewellery?

Estate jewellery has a higher resale value. Therefore, while selling jewellery, you can expect to receive more money. Furthermore, if these items are well cared for, their worth will rise over time.

2. Should I sell my Inherited Jewellery?

If you don't feel any attachment to an heirloom piece of jewellery and you know no one else in the family would wear it, there's no guilt in selling it.

3. What is the best place to sell my Estate Jewellery?

Luxury Brand Jewellery is the largest buyer of estate jewellery in Australia. Therefore, you can sell your estate jewellery and expect the best price at Luxury Brand Jewellery.