Sell Your Gold Safely for a Fair Price

As many buyers are out there, you may feel overwhelmed by the prospect of selling your gold jewellery. Pawnshops, estate sales, cash-for-gold websites, and online auctions are all viable options for disposing of gold.

You can still make a tidy sum off your gold rings, necklaces, brooches, and even gold scrap and old jewellery, even if you don't have any solid gold bars, gold coins, or bullion.

Sell Your Gold Safely for a Fair Price


As one of the rarest and most valuable elements, gold in any form is a fantastic saving and investment option. That is to say, there will always be a buyer for your gold jewellery, but you shouldn't expect to get a high price for it. However, selling your gold jewellery in a hurry can almost guarantee that you will get shortchanged.

We are confident that you have seen the signs advertising immediate payment for gold. How about a buyer from the internet? A solicitation may have arrived in your mail. Authorities caution against scams, and it can be challenging to negotiate a fair price in a turbulent market. However, there are methods to sell it safely and at the best price if you have any gold items, such as jewellery, coins, or other gold, that you would like to cash in.

Your comfort level and belief in the buyer's reliability are crucial to this transaction's success. Doing your research and comparison shop is thus one of the first rules. Thus, reading the process before parting with gold or silver is a good idea. This comprehensive guide will help you get the most money for your gold jewellery when you decide to sell it.

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What influences, for instance, world gold prices? What establishes the worth of gold objects? Is selling gold online or in person preferable? What are spot, bid and ask prices and what is premium? How may it impact you as a gold seller, and what factors may influence the cost of pure gold? What are the ideal moments to sell gold jewellery? And much more advice on how to sell gold jewellery!

Let's start now!

Understand the 4 Basic Terms Before Selling Your Gold Jewellery

Plenty of scammers and dishonest gold purchasers on the internet are waiting to take advantage of you. So, before you even think of selling gold jewellery, it's crucial to perform some research. Before continuing, it would be wise to become acquainted with the following key terminology connected to gold prices:

Spot Price

When selling gold jewellery, why is this helpful information to have? Because the value of gold jewellery is determined relative to the spot price.

Gold price


This is one of the most fundamental concepts in the trade of gold. The market price of gold is defined by supply and demand at a given time. The current gold spot price is always shown in Australian dollars per troy ounce and fluctuates constantly.

Bid Price

Imagine you're interested in online gold trading. The "bid price" is the highest offer that gold buyers online are ready to make for your precious metal. Gold buyers consider the spot price of pure gold and the purity of the gold in your pieces when determining the bid price.

To sum up, gold's purity is merely one of several factors that goes into setting a bid price. Moreover, gold purchasers also consider the present market conditions and the weight of your gold.

Ask Price

You, as the seller, set the asking price, which is the lowest amount you're ready to take for your gold. So, the asking price is the inverse of the bid price. To determine how much to ask for a gold bracelet, watch, or pair of big gold earrings, you can use the current gold spot price and your judgement.

Remember that the asking price is simply a starting point for negotiation. You can always haggle with purchasers to receive a better price for your gold.


Knowing about premiums is crucial if you want to sell your gold. Gold buyers add a sum, called a premium, to the gold's current price. Exactly why does this keep occurring? The gold buyer must first deduct the costs of melting and purifying your gold jewellery before they can pay you anything.

It's also worth noting that premiums might change based on the specific type of gold you're selling. Solid gold coins are more difficult to melt down and refine than gold bars. Hence they command a more fantastic price. Do additional gold jewellery items, including rings and bracelets, fall under this rule?

Indeed, that is the case! The more complex the object, the higher the premium. It's easier and faster to buy gold jewellery instead of melting it down and refining intricate pieces. If your gold jewellery is in excellent shape and the buyer believes they can profit by reselling it, they may offer you a more fantastic price.

Consult an Expert Appraiser Before Selling Your Gold

It would be best if you got in touch with an appraiser first. The quality, number of carats, and rarity of your gold jewellery are just a few factors that go into an accurate appraisal. Gold's price fluctuates depending on a wide variety of factors. If you want to know how much your gold is worth, it is in your best interest to have it appraised by a reliable buyer.

Consult an Expert Appraiser Before Selling Your Gold


All members of the respected organisations for appraisers uphold a high standard of ethics and professionalism. It's possible to locate a local appraiser by contacting any of the well-known organisations, all of which keep online databases.

Independent appraisers can tell you whether or not a piece of jewellery has any value beyond its gold weight or if the stones are genuine, and they can do all this for a reasonable charge. That ought to be sufficient to furnish buyers with the information they require to sell their things reasonably. Moreover, the seller shouldn't have to pay for a pricey, written appraisal, as an insurer could demand.

The vast majority of valuers take a forgiving stance in such situations. In that respect, most valuers are lenient. Since appraisers want consumers to obtain value for their money, they educate the public and are happy to lend a hand to anyone who needs it.

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Assuming you've begun reselling, you may have found yourself overwhelmed by the number of companies willing to acquire your old gold. Hence, finding a trustworthy buyer who will answer your concerns and make you feel comfortable selling gold is more important than where you sell it.

When determining a fair and just price for your gold jewellery, an appraiser will consider several variables. This comprises the current price of gold, the results of a purity test on the gold, and an evaluation of the market for similarly rare collectables. All these criteria go into doing an accurate valuation, allowing us to make you a fair offer on your possessions.

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Compare and Observe the Gold Prices in the Market

Safely selling gold and jewels for a reasonable price requires taking precautions, including receiving multiple offers and only selling to a trustworthy buyer. Comparing prices through shopping around is an excellent approach to learning the market standard. Using the funds towards another jewellery purchase may nett you a better price if you locate a jeweller from whom you enjoy making purchases.

Compare and Observe the Gold Prices in the Market


Gold is worthwhile because of its inherent worth. Gold's value in coins, bullion, jewellery, and other forms remains high, even though the world adopted a new currency system in the 1970s. So, watch the market to determine the most profitable time to sell your gold. A trustworthy buyer will always keep an eye on the gold market so you can sell your valuables reasonably.

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Due to their rarity, gold coins and bullion can command higher prices than gold jewellery, such as rings, necklaces, and earrings. Even though coins were intended to be used as money, their intrinsic value frequently exceeds their monetary value. Moreover, rare coins in pristine condition are worth a reasonable price.

One must obtain a solid receipt when selling gold or jewellery. All transactions involving precious metals must be documented, including the buyer's name and address, the selling date, the amount, quality, cost, and identifying terms of the metals traded.

Is Selling Gold Profitable?

You can find the current spot price of gold in several places online. However, it would be best if you didn't count on getting that much for your old coins and jewellery. For one thing, those are wholesale values, and you're selling to a mediator who will need to earn a profit when he resells your jewellery.

Well, it's standard practice for states to mandate a minimum holding period during which gold-buying enterprises must keep their purchases in inventory before selling them. Because of how gold prices fluctuate, this can be risky. The person who buys your gold from you will most likely sell it to a refiner or a middleman who sells to refiners. Gold usually changes hands twice or thrice before being sold for its worth.

selling gold for profit


The condition of the item you are seeking to sell can impact resale value and changes in the gold market. A new environment might be all it needs to reach its full potential. Even if it's a little beat up, it's still valuable. If it's beyond repair, though, you might be able to repurpose it into something equally lovely. The bottom line is that the value and price you can get for your gold jewellery depends on its quality. Therefore, choosing a reliable buyer who will consider elements such as collector's items is crucial.

It is right to say that gold jewellery isn't always very weighty. The original purchase price and the resale price of an item would not be the same. Remember that before a store can resell the gold they've purchased, they must have it processed, cleaned, and sometimes even melted down.

The carat purity of the gold is also a significant factor. Pure gold, such as that found in bullion bars, has a carat rating of 24. However, when used in jewellery or other applications where durability is paramount, gold is typically combined with other metals to make it more complex and durable.

Carats are the universally accepted standard for gauging the purity of gold. Gold is so soft that it's usually combined with other metals to make it stronger and more durable. This can result in differences in hue, melting point, and cost. Using an international standard scale, jewellers can instantly calculate the amount of gold in a piece based on its 24-carat purity.

Where to Sell Gold: Online or Local Jewellery Stores

Selling Gold Online

Whether you have gold in the form of jewellery, coins, bullion, or something else, selling it online will almost always fetch you a fantastic price and allow you to turn a quick profit. Online jewellery stores are far cheaper to run than it is to run a widespread network of actual, brick-and-mortar sites.

With fewer overhead expenses, internet gold purchasers may provide more competitive pricing. You'll get a better price if you sell gold than at a physical store. You may sell your gold online just like you can do about any other business. Rather than taking them to a pawn shop, you should try selling your coins and bullion on eBay. However, as opposed to online purchases, in-person ones are preferable.

Where to sell your gold Jewellery


So, if you want to ship your goods to a possible buyer as part of an online sale, you should exercise extra caution. Before sending your stuff out, take pictures and write a list of everything you're sending. In addition, I recommend purchasing shipping insurance before sending the goods.

You can fetch the best price for your gold when selling it online; however, you will typically have to ship the gold items to the buyer for an appraisal and wait 24-48 hours after the assessment before receiving payment.

Selling Gold in Local Jewellery Stores

Your neighbourhood jewellery store is another potential buyer for your old gold jewellery. Jewellers that buy gold jewellery are fewer and further between than those that don't, but selling to them still comes with many of the same drawbacks as selling to a pawn shop.

The process of selling gold in a jewellery store is, in many ways, analogous to that of selling diamonds, which we detail in detail in our diamond selling guide. It's not a given that they'll buy your gold jewellery, but if they do, they'll likely offer you as little as possible.


Depending on your gold type, a particular online marketplace may be the best option for selling it. It would be best to sell your gold bullion bars and coins to a dealer who specialises in buying and selling gold bullion because they will pay you the highest price for your gold. Luxury Brand Jewellery is Australia's most prominent jewellery buyer, providing you with the best price for your gold!

Selling individually or through a company that specialises in this area will get you the most price for gold watches and other brand-name gold jewellery. However, selling your gold to an online gold buyer is ideal if your jewellery does not have a brand name. This includes most engagement rings, earrings, bracelets, and other gold items.

Inspect Organisations Before Selling Gold

Before selling gold, it's good to know how much it weighs using a household or postal scale. Also, keep a close eye on the process when the buyer considers the gold. If you have doubts about the company's legitimacy, you should check it before selling any gold to them. Find out what other people have to say about their experiences by reading reviews they've written.

This can help you avoid dealing with shady gold purchasers that undervalue your jewellery, exert undue pressure throughout the buying process, or indulge in any other behaviours you'd prefer to avoid.

Inspect Organisations Before Selling Gold


When selling gold, it's best to check with local pawn shops and gold purchasers to see what they'll offer you before sending your things to an online gold retailer for an evaluation if you don't need the money immediately. This way, you may compare offers and choose which will give you the most cash for your unwanted gold jewellery, coins, or other gold objects.

Still on the Fence Regarding Selling Your Gold?

Do you think this is a good time to sell? Is it better to wait for the price to rise, or are you willing to risk losing money if the price drops while you wait? Currently, gold prices are at their highest point in years, making it a great time to liquidate any unwanted gold jewellery or presents in exchange for cold hard cash.

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1. How do I sell gold for a reasonable price?

You can sell your gold through bars, coins, or jewellery to a jewellery store, a reputable online retailer, or a cash-for-gold business. Before selling gold, you should always do your homework on the market. Luxury Brand Jewellery appraises your gold rightly and offers the best price for your gold.

2. Is selling gold for cash worth it?

The finest site to sell gold jewellery for cash will nett you some much-needed money. It lives up to its name and will pay you what your jewellery or coin is worth in a trade. If you're financially bound and need some fast cash, you can't go wrong by selling your gold coins or jewellery for cash.

3. What is the easiest gold to sell?

Gold bullion is the most convenient form of gold to sell because it doesn't require any further processing before being put up for sale. It's in a user-friendly style that ensures you'll earn the most money for your gold while still keeping it safe.

4. What is the best time to sell the gold?

Sell gold while its price rises, as this is the most profitable time to do it. If you've been thinking about cashing in on your old gold jewellery, gold coins, or any other kind of gold, keep an eye on the market value of gold and sell it when it is highest.