How to Measure Ring Size for a Surprise Proposal?

When you finally find the one, you could get lost and bewildered in the world of engagement ring purchasing. Beyond the carefully chosen gemstones and diamonds is the worry that nothing will be perfect. The engagement ring must fit, regardless of whether you're going for a crazy and impulsive proposal or a charming sentimental gesture.

A surprise engagement requires a lot of work and preparation to pull off. You have to devise a concept that your spouse would like, choose the ideal day, and ensure that everything is going as planned—all while keeping your significant other in the dark. More than that, you'll need to think of a way to secretly measure their ring finger because asking your spouse directly is a neon sign that flashes, "I'm going to propose."

Even though buying the incorrect size engagement ring doesn't necessarily mean the end of the world, you should try to get it correctly first to prevent any problems or mistakes. The creator and designer cautions that altering the size of a heavily set ring with gemstones or diamonds might be difficult.

How to Use a Free Printable Guide to Measure Your Ring Size?

"Changes to the sizing could often compromise the settings, potentially affecting the setting's positions and, therefore, loosening the setting that holds your stones, resulting in missing stones if you're not careful."

But regardless of how the ring appears, it's always convenient to have it fit snugly on someone's finger when they say "yes." Here are some pointers on discreetly assessing a ring size without letting your spouse know so your engagement goes off without a hitch.

Now that you've found the one, you can finally ask her out! You're not the only one who has wondered how to determine your partner's engagement ring size without them knowing when you're planning the ideal surprise engagement. Fortunately, we've talked to our jewellery specialists and learned how to determine your partner's ring size!

How to Use a Free Printable Guide to Measure Your Ring Size?

Alternatively, print a guide to measure your ring size at home. Ensure the print dialogue box's page scaling is "none" before printing the ring size guide.

First, cut a slot on the dotted line, then cut out the ring sizer. With the numbers facing you, firmly wrap the ring sizer around the widest portion of the intended finger. Put the arrow's end through the opening you made. The number that fits the slot is your ring size.

How to Use a Ruler, Paper, and String to Measure Ring Size?

Step 1: Cut a piece of paper or non-stretchy twine, then wrap it around your partner's left finger's base.

Step 2: Locate and mark with a pen the location where the end joins the string.

Step 3: Measure the length of the mark you produced in millimetres (mm) by laying the rope flat.

Step 4: To determine the closest ring size, compare the measurement to the size chart.

Techniques for Determining Ring Size Without Partner Knowledge

Although it might seem hard to figure out your partner's ring size in secret, there are ways to do so effectively and covertly, as outlined below.

Measure Your Spouse's Finger Covertly at Night

Measure their finger when they are sleeping if you want to. If you're feeling very sure, you may use a sizer; otherwise, loop a piece of twine around their finger and use a marker to indicate the length. Try this one just if your significant other is a restless sleeper. It will probably wake them up if they are light sleepers, and there's no way to get yourself out of that.

You may use a thread or a ring sizer to measure your partner's finger while sleeping. According to a user on Instagram, her spouse even used a twist tie to determine her ring size while she was asleep! We advise using a ring sizer for the most accurate read, although any measurement is preferable to none!

Ask a Friend for Assistance

Ask a close friend or relative for help if you feel comfortable sharing your secret with them. This designated individual can enquire discreetly and informally about your partner's ring size, for example, by taking them shopping for a fun engagement or by quietly bringing up the subject during a chat.

Asking your partner's friends about their ring size is one of the finest ways to learn about it. The buddy may be the one to enquire (in a casual way) if they are unsure at first. Asking the buddy to take your spouse shopping for an engagement ring "for fun" is even better. This way, your significant other will be accurately measured and may indicate their preferred designs!

Deploy a bait-and-switch

You might confess to your lover that you want to purchase a ring for your parent or sibling. You must measure your partner's finger " only to know the appropriate ring size " to determine your sibling's size. Though we're sure your parent or sibling would also enjoy a surprise gift, the main reason you're doing this is to find out your partner's ring size!

Get your partner's ring sized by a jeweller.

A jeweller may measure an ordinary ring to determine your significant other's ring size, which is one of the finest methods to find out. Even at home, you can size their ring by following a few easy steps. "Simply find one of their existing rings and print out an easy-peasy at-home sizer (make sure it's to scale) and measure the ring," the jeweller advises. "A quick tip: measure the inside part, not the edges." Additionally, remember that various fingers may have varying sizes, so observe the rings your spouse wears and note which fingers they often wear them on.

Be Careful

Suppose you are determined to make a surprise proposal but still want to obtain an accurate measurement by speaking with the source directly. In that case, you will need to gather the information very subtly.

For instance, you may pretend you will buy a ring for your mother, sister, grandmother, or even yourself if you propose to your girlfriend. Ensure the receiver in this fictitious account has a finger around the same size as your partner's left ring finger. For reference, ask your spouse informally what their ring size is. If you want to go all out, buy your lover a cheap ring and ask them to try it to ensure it fits well. And then, to relieve your conscience, you may offer that phoney ring to your mother, sister, or grandmother!

Take Out A Ring

Taking out a daytime loan of one of your partner's rings is an additional tactic. This strategy should be used with caution since it might backfire. Ensure the borrowed ring is the same size as your partner's left ring finger so they won't know it's missing.

Make a Trace

If you feel that asking a friend for assistance could be too visible, you can always indicate the location of one of your partner's rings by placing it on your finger. After that, you may present it to a jeweller and ask them to estimate the size. This isn't a perfect solution, but it does occasionally work.

Try this approach instead of losing one of your partner's rings if you fear losing it. Pick up one of their rings and lay it over some paper. On both the inside and outside of the ring, draw a circle. Repeat this process to ensure your ring traces are constant and can accurately show the size. An LBJ Specialist can usually determine the inner diameter measurement from your sketch! For even more precise tracing, use the ring size conversion table!

Get An Committed Friend

Ask your engaged friend to allow your partner to try on their engagement ring in private if you and your partner spend time together. This will give you an approximate starting size range. To figure out what kind of ring your partner would like, you can also take this as an occasion to question their impression of your friend's engagement ring (in private).

Observe Fingers

Although this approach is not as precise, feel free to try it if needed! Check to verify whether the size of your partner's ring finger matches one of yours while you are holding their hand. Their left ring finger, for instance, maybe the size of your pinky. Once more, this tactic won't be as precise, but the more measurement details a qualified jeweller has on your partner's ring size, the better!

Utilise the Height and Weight Data of Your Partner

It may surprise you that a skilled jeweller can determine your partner's ring size by using their height and weight. They could also deduce it by examining a picture of your partner, particularly the part where their hand is holding something.

When you go shopping together, find out.

Lastly, bringing your spouse ring shopping will make it simple for you to determine their engagement ring size. You may accomplish this, for example, by asking them to try on several sizes to see which one fits best while you pretend you're purchasing the ring as a gift for someone else (like your mother).

Taking your significant other to a jewellery store and measuring them while you're there is another method. This is the simplest and most reliable option, particularly if you and your significant other agree you should get engaged soon. Additionally, it is not unusual for couples to browse rings together, especially for those with a precise idea of their engagement ring.

Advice And Information About Ring Size

  • Ensure that you measure your partner's left ring finger, as our dominant hand tends to be somewhat bigger. To ensure the ring will slide over your partner's ring finger knuckle when you pop the question, go larger if unsure of their precise dimension.
  • Women often wear rings in sizes 6 to 6.5.
  • The most popular ring size for males is 10.
  • Try to ensure the borrowed ring is the same diameter as the ring you intend to buy, as wider bands fit more snugly than smaller ones.

Temperature, activity, and other factors cause slight variations in finger size during the day. Fingers tend to swell significantly when they are heated. Fingers tend to shrink in the cold. Most people discover that their fingers shrink to their regular size during the day after having puffier fingertips in the morning.

Tips to Follow

After you've devised a plan for secretly taking a ring size, ensuring you are proficient in accurately measuring ring sizes is critical. Your engagement and wedding rings must fit since you will wear them daily for the rest of your life.

Before attempting to take a stealthy finger measurement of your spouse, you might want to practice on your hand. It's not hard to measure your finger, but using the sizer correctly is crucial.

Tips to Follow

When using ring sizers, one typical error is placing them snugly on the base of the finger without checking to see if the ring can glide on and off the finger. It's not too tight but snug enough to slip on and off! In addition to a ring size guide that provides more thorough directions, the ring sizer also comes with a video that you can view to ensure you're using the belt correctly.

Since each finger has a unique size, measuring with the correct finger is crucial. The fingers on one hand may be larger than the other because dominant hands tend to be somewhat bigger due to higher use. Ensure the ring you choose fits the right finger on the right hand.

Uncertain which hand you would like them to wear their ring on? In the United States, wedding and engagement rings are customarily placed on the fourth finger of the left hand.

Do you need any more ideas? Here are a few more pointers to get you through this procedure as smoothly as possible.

What a rush it is to receive a surprise proposal! The thrill of surprising your loved one with a lifelong memory—the suspense, the covert preparation, and the surprise. The problem is ensuring that the ring, a shimmering representation of a person's devotion, fits perfectly. In issues of the heart, there is, after all, no "one-size-fits-all" solution. We can help if you're having trouble determining the ring size at home or are looking for that finishing touch to make the occasion truly memorable. Explore these extra suggestions designed for romantics and engagement ring planners alike!

Closely collaborate with your jeweller.

Before buying a ring, the jeweller advises asking about the resizing procedure, particularly if you're unsure of the size you're wearing. You might want to reconsider your strategy if you learn that the ring cannot be adjusted or would be extremely difficult.

When Purchasing an Engagement Ring, Go Wider

Jeweller advises going a little larger if you're unsure of the size. "That way, you'll have a better shot at it fitting her, especially if you're aiming to capture that picture-perfect moment."

Purchase a Ring Guard

Sometimes, ring guards work better than resizing as a temporary or permanent remedy when the ring is too large. LBJ Jeweller points out that you can easily get one from Amazon to have it ready after you propose, just in case.

Be Aware of the Sizing Chart

Knowing the sizing scale you're working with is crucial when purchasing rings, especially engagement ones. Not every engagement ring is sized according to American guidelines. The country of origin or sale may have an impact on the size. Some regions choose alphabetical ring sizes, while the United States and Australia utilise numerical sizes." Do your homework on this as well before making a purchase.

It's often not the simplest thing to figure out your partner's ring size in secret, but it is feasible. Hopefully, resizing is a possibility if all else fails.

FAQs about Ring Sizing

Should I use mm or cm when measuring my ring?

Measuring the ring's inner diameter in millimetres is the most often used technique for determining ring size in the US and Australia. We measure millimetres at LBJ and round down to the closest half-ring size.

How Do I Measure for a Comfort Fit? What Is It?

The difference between a comfort fit and a standard fit ring is seen in the form of the inside edge of the ring. The inside edge of standard fit rings is flat and firmly against your finger. The inside edge of comfort fit rings is curved or bevelled, making it easier to slide the ring on and off your finger. Comfort-fit rings are perfect for those whose hands swell quickly or have large knuckles.

What Happens If I Purchase The Wrong Ring Size?

LBJ provides free ring resizing for most rings during the first 60 days after purchase. This is to guarantee that clients receive the ideal fit. We also provide free 30-day returns. If you're unhappy, you have 30 days to return your item for an exchange or a complete refund.

What Takes Place If I Resize My Ring?

A jeweller will cut through the band's back to adjust an engagement ring by adding or removing metal. The best action is to return the ring and buy the correct size if your band has to be adjusted by two or more sizes. A drastic resizing may jeopardise the ring's structural integrity.

Are All Rings Resizeable?

Most ring styles can be resized. However, the design of eternity rings prevents this. It is advisable to select an engagement ring with a metal back, such as a solitaire setting, if resizing might be an issue. An LBJ Jewellery Specialist can also help you determine whether resizing is possible for your ring setting.

Are All Rings Resizeable?

How Can I Use a Ring to Measure My Ring Size?

With a ruler, measure straight across the centre from edge to edge to get the measurement of a ring you currently own. Record the diameter in millimetres using the ruler. Multiply that figure by 3.14 to determine your ring's circumference. To determine your size, compare the circumference to our ring sizing chart.

Is It Possible to Take My Ring Size at Home?

Getting a plastic ring sizer is the most effective way to determine your ring size at home. The string and ruler method mentioned above is the second most precise way to determine your ring size on the spot.

Do ring sizes vary for men and women?

Indeed, ring sizes vary frequently between men and women. Because men's fingers are usually longer and thicker than women's, men's ring sizes are normally larger than women's. Remember that ring sizes can differ significantly across people, regardless of gender, so measuring your finger is always the best method to determine your ring size.

What Happens If I Can't Determine the Size?

Consider proposing at a temporary location if you are unsure about your partner's ring size or don't want to take the chance of being incorrect. LBJ will place your diamond in the setting of your choice after you and your partner have found the ideal fit. With this technique, you may show your spouse the diamond of your choice without running the danger of having to adjust the setting's size. This approach is also a fantastic choice for those unsure whether to buy an engagement ring before or after proposing.

Final remarks

Whether it's a ring for an anniversary, wedding, or engagement, selecting the perfect fit is as important as the style or diamond. To ensure your "final words" in ring choosing are as flawless as the love they signify, you can borrow a ring, consider adjustable choices, or carefully test the fit.

Don't be intimidated by the procedure. You can make a thoughtful and touching decision if you know how to measure ring size at home and the subtleties of finger measuring.

Remember that having a professional jeweller measure your partner's ring finger is the most precise method of determining the ideal ring fit. Although using one or more of the techniques mentioned earlier may get a near approximation, there is always a chance that your measurement will be a little off. Some pieces may be in the final sale and might not be able to be adjusted in the future; we strongly advise contacting a jeweller to obtain an appropriate size for engagement rings.