Guide to Gold Buyers in Melbourne

An excellent approach to get some quick money or start a successful business in Melbourne is to sell gold.  Your priorities should be locating a suitable purchaser and negotiating a reasonable selling price.

However, there are many things to think about before leaping, and the process can be tricky. If you're planning on selling gold in Melbourne, there are a few details to keep in mind, whether you have a little collection of coins or a vast hoard of jewellery.

Guide to Gold Buyers in Melbourne


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If you're looking to sell gold in Melbourne, this article will offer an in-depth rundown of the process and the insider knowledge you'll need to maximise your profits.

Know the Current Price of Gold

It's essential to get a firm grasp on the fundamentals of Melbourne's gold sales before proceeding. Since the market sets its value, gold prices fluctuate constantly. Due to this, the cost of gold in Melbourne can change rapidly. So that you may get the most money out of your gold sale, it is crucial that you keep up with the most recent market prices.

The Australian Gold Price website and daily newspapers have up-to-date information on gold prices. By doing so, you'll be able to sell for a fair price.

Understand the Buying and Selling Price of Gold

Even if it is made of gold, jewellery always contains an alloy used in the production process, among other decorative elements. Nine-carat gold, fourteen-carat gold, and eighteen-carat gold are the most popular alloys.

These metals comprise 37.5%, 58.5%, and 75% gold. Furthermore, the design and production of gold jewellery require either manual labour or expensive machinery. The total retail cost of a piece of gold jewellery includes all of these expenses and the markups the reseller applies. Large markups are also common in high-end branded jewellery.

Guide to Gold Buyers in Melbourne


On the other hand, the worth of gold jewellery is more open to debate since old pieces must be melted down and polished to make new ones. Consequently, the selling price will be less than what was paid initially due to the extra labour required in the smelting and refining process.

Types of Gold Buyers in Melbourne

One of the most critical aspects of selling gold in Melbourne is locating a willing buyer. There are a lot of different gold buyers in the city, so it's crucial to shop around to obtain the best price.

From major department stores to quaint mom-and-pop boutiques, Melbourne has a wide selection of places to buy gold. Shopping around and comparing prices and services is advised to ensure you get the best deal available.

Gold Refiners

These corporations dominate the market for recycling old gold. They buy large quantities of gold at once from many suppliers. Moreover, they typically have the means to supervise the smelting operation that turns all the gold into a single form and recast gold bars.

Refiners and consolidators frequently provide the most competitive gold prices. The general consumer rarely does business with them since the minimum purchase quantity for a given lot is far too high. These organisations instead rely on third parties to assemble enormous amounts of raw gold for smelting.

Professional Gold Buyers

A gold buyer who makes it their business to acquire and sell gold regularly acts as an intermediary between the vast, diverse market of many sellers and consolidators. Refiners are often also professional purchasers.

These companies will offer a competitive gold price supplied to them and then combine the gold with their other purchases to create larger lots, all thanks to their capacity to manage massive investments while still catering to individual customers. Professional gold buyers are not new entrants in the market; they are among the oldest companies in the gold recycling industry.

Local Jewellery Shops

Although they may not have a history of gold investing, some people may try their hand when presented with tangible gold assets like bullion coins or instantly recognisable fine jewellery. Many jewellers, however, may resell their gold to a refiner or other consumers, earning at most a tiny profit.

Guide to Gold Buyers in Melbourne


They have no stake in a functioning business. Because of the infrequency with which they do so, jewellery stores typically charge a high premium for the private gold they acquire from customers.

Pawn Shops

These companies' primary interest is not gold. Their business model relies on exploiting people in desperate need of quick cash by purchasing valuable objects from them at prices substantially below market value.

All three categories of companies capitalise on people's tendency to purchase gold at low prices to increase its value by reselling it at a much higher asking price. The process is pretty hostile from the get-go, and they often operate in less desirable areas.

Online Buyers

With the proliferation of global Internet access, selling gold online makes much sense. Because, after all, it's just like a giant garage sale, except with a lot more people shopping there.

It's less risky because you won't have to bring your gold jewellery with you on a trip to the broker. Rather than driving to five different stores to compare costs, you can do it all in one fell swoop by using the internet.

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Since their overheads are lower than that of a physical storefront, online bullion dealers may sometimes offer better prices than their brick-and-mortar counterparts. On top of that, online bullion dealers might pay you back with cash or a bank transfer.

Locate a Trustworthy Gold Buyer

Do your homework on potential gold buyers to ensure you get the most fair deal. However, it would be best if you were sure you're working with an honest business. Hence, always research a firm and consider what others have said about it. It is also vital to look out for any hidden fees or charges. And don't forget to abide by Melbourne's laws and rules when selling gold.

Guide to Gold Buyers in Melbourne trustworthy


The Gold & Silver Dealers Association of Australia membership is another essential qualification for a gold buyer (GSDAA). The Gold and Silver Dealers' Alliance (GSDAA) establishes guidelines for its members and oversees the gold-buying sector.

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It is also crucial to check the gold buyer's qualifications. Ensure they have the proper authorisation to buy gold in Melbourne by requesting to view licences and certifications. Obtain a copy of the purchaser's purchase agreement for your records.

Note to Remember

Credible gold purchasers have been operating for many years and have earned a solid track record in the industry. The top ones will guide customers through the procedure, offer fair prices, and guarantee their customers' safety while selling gold, all without charging additional or unexpected expenses.

There should be no use of high-pressure sales practices. Professional purchasers know that some sellers may have sentimental ties to items and alter their minds at the last minute.

Know the Value of Your Gold

After locating a trustworthy buyer, the next stage is determining how much your gold is worth. To accomplish this, you must first classify the gold you intend to sell. Gold's worth varies depending on its form; this includes coins, bars, jewellery, and bullion. Before selling your gold, be sure you know what it's worth.

Gold jewellery, especially if it is antique, vintage, or designed by a famous jeweller, can fetch a much higher price than the metal's spot price. However, you may get more money by selling the item for scrap gold than by reselling it in its current condition, especially if the object is old or worn. Get your gold jewellery appraised by a reputable jeweller to find out if it is worth selling in its current condition or if you should bring it to a gold buyer.

Get Your Gold Valued

Precious metals are valued in troy ounces for futures and spot transactions (31.1 grams). A trustworthy purchaser of gold bullion will always quote the current spot price. Gold prices at key trading hubs like the London Bullion Market Association fluctuate in response to supply and demand (LBMA). Silver costs have done the same thing.

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Guide to Gold Buyers in Melbourne


Gold bars will be roughly the same price as bullion coins. Although gold bars and coins are highly liquid assets due to their great purity, there are slight distinctions in how easily they can be converted into other currencies. The latter fetch a modest premium because they can be exchanged at any bank and are often easier to sell. Selling gold bars with a known manufacturer's serial number could fetch a higher price.

Before selling your gold, you should have a ballpark estimate of its value. Always remember that the prices stated in any price guide are only estimates.

Determine the Purity of Gold

Testing the gold to see how pure it is is the second step. For an exact  price, you need to know the exact purity of your gold. You can use an acid test or an X-Ray Diffraction machine, among other things, to figure out how pure a piece of gold is.

Be Aware of the Tax

When it comes to buying and selling gold, this is the most often asked question. Everyone, reasonably enough, wants to know how to sell gold without paying taxes.

The capital gains rate also applies to the selling of gold. It's essentially the same as selling stock. It would be best if you were wary of any prospective buyer who claims to offer a method to avoid paying taxes when selling gold. This should be a significant warning sign that illegal activity is occurring. Although paying taxes can be a pain, it's better than getting in trouble with the government.

Safely Package Your Gold

Once you have decided to sell your gold, it is essential to package and protect it adequately. You should have them professionally cleaned and appraised if you're selling coins or bars. If you're selling jewellery, you should have it appraised by a certified jeweller.

Restoring the gold's lustre is a simple and clever technique to increase its value and appeal to potential buyers. You can clean gold jewellery by immersing it in lukewarm water and dish soap, followed by a soft-bristled toothbrush. We recommend taking your gold jewellery to a professional jeweller if you want it professionally cleaned or if it contains any other precious stones to make sure they are polished without damage.

Moreover, you should also keep track of your gold and keep all your documents safe. Once you've completed these steps, you can proceed with the sale of your gold.

Set Your Asking Price

The widespread belief that reselling gold jewellery will net you a profit roughly equal to your initial investment is a common fallacy. However, the truth is that you probably won't get anywhere close to what your gold jewellery was worth when you initially bought it. Gold jewellery rarely fetches a higher price secondhand.

Guide to Gold Buyers in Melbourne


While an appraisal might put the value of your jewellery near to what you paid, please don't assume you'll be able to resale it for the same amount. Appraisals for insurance usually consider the total retail price required to replace the item.

However, the value at which you can resell your gold jewellery depends on several factors, such as the quality of the piece, its age and popularity, the brand name, and the market demand. Ultimately, the value of your gold jewellery depends on the market price.

Negotiate the Fair Price

Bargaining over the final purchase price is the next phase. When you know how much your gold is worth, you can bargain with a buyer for the best price. It would help if you were ready to haggle over the cost to get the best deal. Therefore, you should always have a formal agreement before finalising a sale.

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It would help if you kept your cool and your negotiation skills sharp when the time comes to sell your gold. To ensure that you receive a reasonable price for your gold, remember that it is a precious commodity and that you should not hesitate to assert your rights.

Final Words

Selling gold in Melbourne doesn't have to be a complex process. Keep in mind that gold is the best in terms of long-term investment. Since market fluctuations are common, you must always be ready to act swiftly.

Thus, by following these steps, you can ensure you get a fair price for your gold and make the most of your sale. With the right buyer and a little preparation, you'll be on your way to a successful gold sale in no time.


1. What types of gold can I sell in Melbourne?

No matter the condition, you can trade your gold jewellery for cash. Diamonds, silver BARS (bullion), gold BARS (coins), and gold nuggets are all considered to be among the most valuable forms of currency.

2. What types of payment methods do online gold buyers offer?

Credit cards, checks, money orders, wire transfers, PayPal, and digital currencies like bitcoin are generally offered by online gold retailers.

3. What is the process for selling gold online?

Visit the website of your reliable gold buyer when you are ready to sell your gold online. Contact them and arrange to have your gold sent there. After determining the value of your gold jewellery, they will make you a competitive offer.

Luxury Brand Jewellery is the top gold buyer in Melbourne since they give free gold appraisals and pay competitive prices for gold.

4. How do you determine the value of gold?

To get an accurate value, you need to know how many carats your gold is. A quick online search will reveal the current market price per carat and gramme.