Cushion Cut Engagement Rings from Luxury Brand Jewellery are Modern

There is more to selecting the perfect engagement ring than locating the ideal setting. However, couples often choose a ring's centre diamond as the focal point rather than the metal or the style of the ring itself.


Cushion cut diamond ring


The bride's engagement ring can express the couple's shared sense of style. You may like to select the centrepiece diamond before deciding on the mounting. There is a wide selection of diamond shapes to choose from, as many options exist.

A Diamond with a Cushion Cut

If you're looking for a beautiful diamond with a bit of additional flair, we recommend the stylish cushion cut. It's a beautiful trendy pick. However, the history behind this stunning piece may come as a surprise to you. Cushion cut diamonds are a modern adaptation of the Old Mine Cut, a shape that dates back far further in time.

Diamonds of this shape were famous in the 18th and 19th centuries and are said to resemble the modern cushion. The massive open culet of the originals could be seen on the underside of the main pavilion when seen directly on.

Reviving an Old Favourite!

One of the first diamond shapes, the cushion cut, dates back to the early nineteenth century. When candlelight was a rarity, designers created cushion cuts with elaborate facet designs that sparkled wonderfully in the flickering flame.

Even now, cushion cut diamonds do an outstanding job of dispersing illumination evenly and brilliantly across a room. So as you seek a unique engagement ring, consider how many of your peers have cushion-cut diamond rings.

Maybe one or two, but probably not more than that. Fantastic news! No one else is quite like you, so your ring should be one-of-a-kind. Cushion-cut diamond engagement rings have long been well-known among celebrities and royals for their exceptional shape and sparkle.

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How to Recognise a Cushion Cut?

Let's begin with the basics of identifying a classic cushion cut diamond. Cushion-cut diamonds, like pear and round cuts, are named for their distinctive shapes. This style is as luxurious as it sounds, resembling a pillow made of glittering satin.

A cushion-cut diamond has the exact shape of a square or rectangle, but its corners are flawlessly round like a pillow. In contrast to other cuts, the cushion cut also provides exquisite variants. Its shape can be strictly square or slightly more extended. Moreover, these variations shine in a variety of ring configurations.


How to recognized cushion cut diamond


Cushion diamonds are versatile for customised engagement rings due to their square or rectangular shape. First, visualise the stone set in its mounting, then imagine how the two different cushion shapes would feel in your palm. 

If you have a little hand, the rectangular shape will make it look longer and more refined. However, the square shape looks better on long fingers or in a mounting made for a rectangular stone. Lastly, pick your favourite by comparing the visual differences between rectangular and square cushion cut engagement rings options on your palm.


Cushion cut diamonds range


Ideal Uses of Cushion Cut Diamonds

Yet the experts say that if a woman has short hands, a rectangular cushion cut diamond ring will make them appear longer and thinner. Ultimately, the decision rests with you, so wear a ring that brings you joy. Besides, it would help if you treasure your wedding rings because you will wear them every day of your life.

Since you've come to appreciate the cushion cut, you'll be pleased to learn about various alternatives, especially the Vintage Cushion cut. This flawless variant is similar to the first cushion cut created decades ago. While some collectors think it has a chunkier appearance due to the facets being noticeably wider. This cushion cut variant may appeal if you want a more antique, vintage-inspired design.

Cushion-cut diamonds are excellent with several fittings. A cushion cut is a fantastic option if you prefer a low-profile ring with the stone set close to the shank. Nonetheless, cushion-cut diamonds are a natural fit for numerous settings, not just vintage types.

Both square and rectangular cushion shapes are eye-catching, so you can't go wrong with a solitaire setting. The classic style will always seem current and attractive for decades. 

Moreover, you shouldn't overlook how stunning a cushion-cut diamond would look in a classic halo design, as it's a show-stopper. Yet halo effects also make the focal stone appear larger than its actual size.

At Luxury Brand Jewellery, we create each setting from scratch to perfectly fit the diamond. We tailor cushion-cut diamond settings as per your specifications. Every cushion-cut diamond is one of a kind. Thus, customisation is essential for engagement rings using cushion cuts.

Cushion Cut Engagement Ring Settings

Each ring craft is to ensure a lovely and comfortable fit. Here are some of our favourite designs for placing a cushion-shaped diamond in an engagement ring. Purchase and sell your new and preowned cushion-cut diamond engagement rings here.

1. Knife Edge Platinum Basket Engagement Ring Setting

This thin band solitaire's fine edge nearly vanishes on the finger, making it excellent for tiny fingers. The cushion cut diamond you choose will sparkle in platinum prongs that can be personalised with an invisible halo. The cushion cut diamond you've been saving for that special occasion will shine brightest in this setting.


golden cushion diamond ring


This ring features a cushion-cut diamond set in the centre, and the total carat weight of the diamond can range from 0.25 to 10 carats. Luxury Brand Jewellers can arrange settings in 14K or 18K gold or platinum 950 to your specifications.

2. French Cut Basket Setting with Diamonds 1/2 Way

Any cushion-cut diamond will shine brightly in this exquisitely simple band. This engagement ring features a cushion-cut diamond and extra sparkle on the band. The 1.5mm diamond-encrusted thin band engagement ring is delicate enough to wear daily. The basket has a hidden halo that is french-cut and set.


French cushion cut diamond ring


The diamond at the centre of this ring can be any size between 0.25 and 10 carats and will still look stunning. Additional options include fittings made of 14K or 18K gold or Platinum 950.

3. French Cut Halo Basket Setting

This delicate halo setting will showcase your favourite cushion-cut diamond beautifully. This cushion-cut engagement ring setting will increase the glimmers of your diamond.

Platinum cushion cut diamond ring


The centre cushion-cut diamond in this ring can weigh anywhere from 0.25 to 10 carats. Also, you can customise it in 14K or 18K gold or Platinum 950 settings.

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Consider the Pros of Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion cuts are frequently less expensive than brilliant round diamonds of the same size and grade. This quality makes them an attractive option for those concerned with aesthetics and cost. 

However, the logic behind this advantage is clear. Generally speaking, the price per carat of a round brilliant-cut diamond will be more than that of any other shape. Yet there is more reason to cherish here.

Due to the cushion cut's multiple facets, a lower clarity grade is acceptable for generating a dazzling cushion-cut diamond. However, the face-up cushion cut is the clear winner regarding the diamond's actual hue. So, invest as much as possible in the best quality shade you can afford.

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After learning more about the history of this famous cut, you may decide that it is your new favourite diamond shape. And now you're looking for a stone that reflects your taste and personality? Then you should get a cushion cut.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are cushion-cut diamonds more expensive?

Since rounds are the rarest and most valuable, round diamonds are more expensive than cushion cuts. Cushion cuts often cost 25–50% less than round cuts of the same carat weight and quality.

2. What is a cushion cut engagement ring?

Since cushion-cut diamonds first appeared in engagement rings, more than a century has passed. Cushion-cut diamonds are square but have rounded corners and huge facets reflecting light spectacularly.

3. Is the cushion cut cheaper than Princess cut?

Even though they are the most popular fancy shape, Princess cut diamonds are more expensive than cushion-cut diamonds.

4. How much is a 3-carat cushion cut diamond ring?

There is a wide disparity in the price of a 3-carat cushion diamond, $8,442 AUD up to $552,635 AUD, with the average being $63,522 AUD.