Argyle Diamonds | Everything You Should Know

History of the Colored Argyle Diamond

The Argyle mine in Western Australia is where the rough diamonds that become Argyle Diamonds are mined. This is where the diamonds get their name.

Due to the rarity of pink diamonds, only a small percentage of the diamonds mined in Argyle are pink.

Argyle Diamonds


The name Argyle may be thought of as a brand name in certain respects. They have gone to the extent of developing their grading report for pink diamonds and their colour chart for other fancy diamonds.

Argyle diamonds' one-of-a-kind make-up may be traced back to an olivine lamproite volcanic conduit, colloquially known as the Argyle pipe. The eruption caused minerals, including zeolite, mica, kaolinite, and clays, to come into contact with the diamonds as they formed. Although most Argyle diamonds have trace quantities of nitrogen impurities, their primary hue originates from lattice flaws.

The Intensity Levels of Argyle Diamonds

Argyle diamonds are subject to the same universal grading standards as any other diamond, including colour, clarity, cut, and carat weight; however, the Argyle firm has developed its method for grading colour. Pink diamonds are classified as PP (purplish pink), P (pink), PR (pink rosé), or PC (purple-cherry) (Pink Champagne).

The diamonds are then ranked according to how strongly they reflect each hue. The possible values are between 1 (the best) to 9 (the lowest).

The Argyle pink diamonds often have a lighter, bubblegum-like pink hue and a high-quality look when mined. However, a red Argyle diamond is the most unusual of all the colours.

The Scarcity and Cost of Argyle Diamonds

Over ninety per cent of the pink diamonds used worldwide come from the Argyle mine. However, there is just one pink diamond in every 2.5 million tons of ore processed at the mine. Production of Argyle pink diamonds has fallen dramatically in recent years and seems to be trending downward.

Argyle diamonds are more valuable than pink diamonds because of their perceived grandeur, not their hue. Fancy colour diamonds, like those mined from the Argyle deposit, are valued primarily for their hue. On the other hand, pink diamonds are among the rarest and most sought-after diamond hues.

The purity of the colour is a major factor in determining the price and worth of Argyles. Given that most diamonds contain at least one secondary hue, pure Argyle Diamonds are exceptionally uncommon and costly. The stronger or more vivid the hue, the higher the price tag.

Argyle diamond prices are expected to remain under increasing pressure because of the mine's approaching closure, strong demand, and limited supply.

However, the business has also done a good job marketing its unique and prestigious Argyle Tender, which contributes significantly to the diamond industry's fascination with Argyle.

This 0.37-carat Fancy Intense Pink round brilliant cut diamond by Luxury Brand Jewellery, for instance, would have set you back less than AU$14000 a few years ago, but it is now expected to sell for well over AU$85714.

A certified Argyle pink diamond is much more valuable than a "normal" pink diamond. For example, whereas the going rate for a 1-carat fancy pink (not a round) diamond may be between AU$200,000 and AU$257142 (depending on the quality of colour), the going rate for an equivalent Argyle stone is likely to be well over AU$2857142.

Argyle Diamonds


This stunning 1.02-carat vivid pink from Luxury Brand Jewellery. This will set you back AU$275714. In contrast, this bright pink Argyle is valued at AU$638825 from Luxury Brand Jewellery. This is a huge pricing differential.

We believe that your reasons for buying an Argyle stone are crucial. So, you want to choose the most visually appealing pink diamond possible? Then it would be best if you went for a generic pink rather than a branded one.

Given the declining supply, however, an Argyle stone may be your best bet if you're eyeing the stone as a long-term family heirloom or prestige investment.

The setting for an Argyle Diamond Engagement Ring

Style 1: Halo setting

An Argyle diamond in a halo setting will seem larger and more impressive. Select a diamond cut that best expresses the wearer's personality.

Style 2: Pavé-set

A pavé setting showcases the stone and provides enough accents thanks to the smaller stones inserted in the band.

Style 3: Tension Setting

Wear your Argyle diamond proudly in a tension setting. Pressure is used to hold the diamond in place in this one-of-a-kind setting.


Why are Argyle Diamonds so Exceptional?

Argyle Pink Diamonds come in a stunning array of pastel pink tones and have the mystery of being among the world's rarest jewels.

How high-quality are Argyle Diamonds?

Since most diamonds have some trace of a secondary colour, a completely colourless Argyle Diamond is a rare and remarkable find. The colour's intensity or strength determines the stone's price; stones with stronger colours command greater prices.

Could Argyle Diamonds be a good investment?

Since of the proportion between their size and worth, Argyle Pink Diamonds are one of the most highly concentrated types of money a person can possess.

As a result, they are both aesthetically attractive accessories and a great investment because they are one of the most highly concentrated forms of wealth that a person can own.

Which Kind of Diamond is the Most Durable?

For the same quality, colour, and carat weight, a round diamond will almost always be priced greater than any other form.


Argyle Diamonds are a type of diamond that is very popular among those in the know. An Argyle Diamond is a great option if you're looking for stylish and unique jewellery. However, it's important to research before making any purchase, as Argyle Diamonds can be quite expensive.