Are Asscher Cut Diamonds Expensive?

Diamonds may be given a wide variety of different cuts, and the options are almost endless. There is such a wide range of stakes available, from princess cuts to spectacular cuts, that the list could go on forever.

On the other hand, the Asscher cut has recently witnessed a surge in popularity. This vintage ring in the art deco design had its heyday in the early 1900s and is now gaining popularity. To what extent is the hefty price tag warranted for something that seems so vintage? Today is the day when we shall find out the solution.

Asscher cut diamond engagement rings


In this blog, we will provide you with everything you need to know about Asscher Cut Diamonds before purchasing one. From its history, origin, and pricing.

What does an Asscher Diamond mean?

First, an Asscher cut diamond is a beautiful, bright gem that looks like it's made of mirrors and is fit for royalty. Asscher cut diamonds are characterized by a systematic arrangement of stacked facets inside an octagonal diamond.


Asscher cut diamond engagement rings


This cutting technique was first devised in 1902 by Joseph Ascher, who co-founded the Royal Ascher Diamond Company with his brother.

This magnificent stone has a high crown and a deep pavilion, making it reminiscent of emerald and princess cuts. Asscher diamonds are characterized by their timeless art deco style, 58 facets, and angular corners.

In addition, they are crafted using only the finest diamonds, which helps to highlight the brilliance of the stone. These rings defy description in terms of their beauty.

Asscher Diamond Types

Now, there are two primary variations of Asscher diamonds available. The original Asscher cut was created by Joseph Asscher in 1901, while the Royal Asscher cut was developed by Joop and Edward Asscher in 2001.

The conventional Asscher cut is an octagonal diamond with 58 facets. This style is characterized by sharply mitred corners, a tall crown, and a low pavilion.

In contrast, the Royal Asscher cut is a trademarked cut with 75 facets and a taller crown. It increases the diamond's class and worth by making its sparkle brighter and more noticeable. Even yet, the basic form and style of the regular cut remain unchanged.

Do Asscher Cut Diamonds Come at a High Price?

Regarding budget, you should realize that Asscher cuts are very pricey. However, the amount is still much less expensive than a round brilliant.

Asscher cuts are pricey because they produce more scrap during the cutting process than other designs. On top of that, only very high-quality diamonds are used for Asscher cuts because this cut doesn't hide flaws well.


Asscher cut diamond engagement rings


The initial cost will naturally increase due to the stone's excellent grade. Therefore, a 1-carat Asscher Cut with VS2 clarity would set you back roughly $5,600 on average.

The table, polish, thickness, and depth of a diamond may all impact its price, so finding the right one for you will ultimately come down to personal preference in terms of cut and clarity.

What kind of Cut Grade would be Appropriate for an Asscher Cut Diamond?

The cut of a diamond significantly affects its fire and brilliance. To maximize the fire and brilliance of an Asscher diamond, it's essential to invest in the highest quality cut you can afford. A diamond with a Very Good cut rating, like the ones sold by Luxury Brand Jewellery, will have plenty of fire and brilliance.

Symmetry is also crucial if you're looking for an Asscher cut diamond. Since the GIA only grades round, brilliant diamonds for cut, the superior grade that can be given for an Asscher cut diamond is a grade for symmetry.

A diamond's amount and facets are arranged and governed by its balance. Therefore, there will be more fire and brilliance in a diamond if it is cut more precisely. Since flaws are easy to spot in an Asscher cut diamond, choose Very Good or Excellent symmetry.

Polishing also contributes to a garment's lustre. Pick a diamond with a polish rating of "perfect" or "excellent" for maximum brilliance.

Consider the diamond's length to breadth ratio as another factor in your search. An Asscher-cut diamond would have a length-to-width ratio of 1.00 to 1.03.

This ratio will make a square-shaped diamond. Diamonds with a length-to-width ratio of 1.40 to 1.50 are more rectangular in outline than other types of Asscher cuts.

Are Asscher Cut Diamonds Transparent?

However, an Asscher cut diamond has such a broad open table; any inclusions in the stone will be very obvious to the naked eye. Furthermore, Asscher diamonds have less brilliance than other diamonds, and sparkle helps disguise inclusions.

Therefore, choose an Asscher-cut diamond with at least a VS2 clarity grade. However, since inclusions are more visible in a bigger diamond, a higher clarity rating is required for larger diamonds.

Although the clarity grade is an essential indicator of a diamond's overall quality, it is not always sufficient. To help you make a more educated purchase, we have included high-definition images of our diamonds.

Do Diamonds with an Asscher Cut have Lustre?

A diamond with an Asscher cut will not have as much fire as a round brilliant cut diamond. Instead, it will have clearness rather than fire and brilliance. That's the primary goal of the cutter when creating an Asscher cut diamond.

As a result, they shine, although not quite as brightly as a brilliant-cut diamond would. Asscher, cut diamonds don't shine as brightly as other diamond shapes, but they don't make them any less beautiful or spectacular. Setting an Asscher-cut stone in a halo will make it shine even more brilliantly.

Halo engagement rings have a ring of diamonds that encircles the centre stone, making it seem more significant and more brilliant.

Frequently Asked Questions

When shopping for an Asscher cut, what should I look for specifically?

The form of an Asscher cut diamond is the primary identifier that separates it from an Emerald cut diamond. Emeralds are longer and thinner than round gems. The typical proportion of length to breadth is 1.30 to 1.5. However, Asscher Cuts are primarily square in design, with balances equal in size and breadth.

What makes an Asscher cut diamond special?

Combining the cut's high crown and huge step facets results in a brightness unequalled by any other diamond form. An Asscher cut diamond's glitter is sometimes compared to a never-ending corridor lined with mirrors.

What is the shape of an Asscher diamond?

Octagonally formed, an Asscher Cut diamond has the four sides of a square with its outer edges rounded off to give it its distinctive appearance. It's not brilliant, but it's flashy and straightforward, which makes up for it.

Exactly how many facets does the Royal Asscher cut have?

Consequently, the beautiful royal Asscher diamond has a 74-facet square that is flawlessly cut and brilliant from every direction. The Royal Asscher Cut dazzles the observer with the brightness of a round cut and captivates them with the rainbow look of an emerald cut.


Last but not least, Asscher cuts are among the most stunning vintage-inspired rings available today. However, considering their breathtaking variety of brightness and antique aesthetic, it's easy to see why they cost more than comparable items.

However, they make up for it with their stunning radiance and exceptional clarity. Asscher cuts are unique and would make a beautiful engagement ring.