2023 Engagement Ring Trends

Everybody has heard the proverb "new year, new me." Although that adage can be applied to any aspect of your life, it is particularly relevant for couples considering getting married. For numerous individuals, the start of a new year signifies a chance to advance in their relationship, and what better way to do so than by becoming engaged?

So, your next step should be to find the ideal engagement ring if you and your partner are prepared to take this risky romantic move.

Having an idea of what you might like will help you narrow down the vast array of engagement ring options that are currently available. "The amount of choice can be overwhelming, so it helps when you have a few clear design ideas and the overall budget when you first start looking. It's normal for your final design to look very different from what you initially had in mind.

Engagement Ring Trends

It should be enjoyable, and it's crucial to experiment with various designs before deciding on one that excites you."

An engagement ring indicates your partner's unwavering commitment to you. The most fashionable looks of today combine classic patterns with contemporary accents to create a piece that perfectly captures the wearer's individuality.

As we anticipate the engagement ring trends 2023, we are witnessing designs that reimagine classic shapes and entirely new ones.

Elongated fancy cut, multi-stone, hidden halo, and romantic rings will undoubtedly be some of the most popular styles for engagement rings in 2023. Discover more about these rings and choose the ideal fit for this momentous occasion.

In contrast to popular runway looks, engagement ring trends usually follow a slower, more understated path (after all, there isn't a wedding ring equivalent to a butterfly top or leather harness). Nevertheless, various options are still available, from classic styles like solitaire settings to cutting-edge reinterpretations like bezel-set bands or black diamond rings.

Experts predict that a wide variety of rings will be on the market this year, including options that ardent minimalists and those with more daring tastes can picture putting on their fingers.

Popular Trends for Engagement Rings in 2023

Over time, trends in engagement ring design have evolved, bringing back fashion trends from the past. Whether you're looking for modern engagement ring ideas or rings that mimic classic shapes, these rings will turn heads. We're sharing our top picks for contemporary engagement ring designs in demand in 2023.

Romantic Fashions

In 2023, romantic rings will become increasingly fashionable. These dreamy rings frequently have bead details, shapes appropriate for a genuine expression of love, and interlocking rows of diamonds. Special cuts of accent stones, like tiny pear diamonds that resemble petals around a rose-shaped centre gemstone, are common in 2023's romantic ring designs. Handcrafted details elevate the ring from every angle in these romantic styles.

The biggest romantic styles for 2023 are incorporated into many contemporary designs that are based on vintage engagement rings to create on-trend rings that also feel like heirlooms.

Unexplored Halo Rings

A new ring style for 2023 is the hidden halo ring, which symbolises the unique bond between two people. Use a hidden halo ring to pop the question and give your significant other a private look at diamonds. A hidden row of diamonds, visible only to the wearer, adds sparkle to these rings that are exclusively theirs to see. The hidden halo ring design will remain popular in 2023.

Although sapphires and diamonds are the most popular gemstones for secret halo engagement rings in 2023, other rings can also feature these gemstones.

Long Formal Cut Diamonds

Demand for additional diamond shapes will rise in 2023, even as romantic and hidden halo settings become increasingly popular ring designs. While round brilliant diamonds remain popular, more and more couples are exploring other shapes. In 2023, fancy-cut diamonds in other shapes will still give engagement rings a distinctive shine and profile.

The newest engagement ring styles of 2023 feature longer fancy-cut diamonds, adding more glimmer and finger coverage. The hottest designs for engagement rings in 2023 include oval, marquise, pear-shaped, and emerald cut diamonds.

Two-Stone Rings

Even though solitaire rings are still popular, there will be a rise in popularity for another kind of ring in 2023. The most popular style of engagement rings in 2023 is undoubtedly two-stone rings. Pop stars, First Ladies, and film stars have worn the now-iconic two-stone engagement ring style.

Jackie Kennedy's two-stone ring contributed to the spread of this fashion. This fashionable engagement ring style has deep symbolic meaning, signifying the bond between both partners. The two-stone engagement rings worn by Megan Fox and Ariana Grande demonstrate that this trend is here for the long haul and will only become more and more popular.

Rings with Three Stone

The demand for these charming designs of three-stone diamond rings will rise in 2023, as they have been popular for many years. Engagement rings with three stones usually symbolise a couple's history, present, and future. They frequently have two smaller gemstones on either side of the larger centre stone. Diamonds are the most popular gemstone.

However, some three-stone designs have smaller gemstones, like sapphires, encircling a larger diamond.

Nicole Kidman, Christina Ricci, and Megan Markle are among the celebrities who have embraced the three-stone trend.

Significant Bands

Even though delicate, pretty rings have been popular for what seems like forever, the trend is starting to shift the other way. Jillian Sassone, the creative director and founder of Marrow Fine, predicts that bold pieces will become more and more popular.

The most requested metal-heavy chunky settings in 2022 are still there, in my opinion. If anything, our brides and grooms are making a bigger statement with their bridal sets by including cigar bands and other bands that make a statement.

Vintage-Inspired Rings

A "vintage-inspired" engagement ring can refer to various styles and settings, such as Art Deco or Old European cuts, but an old-meets-new vibe generally characterises current trends. According to Sassone, there has been a rise in requests for heirloom stones to be reimagined into fresh styles that feel more in line with the preferences of the bride and groom.

Vintage-Inspired Rings

Old gemstones have also seen a rise, according to Zhang. "The most popular requests we receive are for old-mine cut diamonds and antique cushions," she states. These stones are extremely hard to find and rare. They have such a distinct sparkle because they were mined and cut over a century ago.

Oval and Pear Rings

Although Sassone acknowledges that celebrity engagements don't always influence trends, Sydney Sweeney's mega-round brilliant was notable. Oval and pear-shaped rings will also remain popular shapes in addition to traditional round ones. "Clients still refer to Hailey Bieber's oval engagement ring," she says. "On any hand, pear and oval shapes look spectacular and elongate the finger."

Bands of Yellow Gold

Although Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City argued with her yellow gold engagement ring band, the style has recently gained popularity. Zhang states, "Our most requested metal is yellow gold." "I believe that this setting decision will hold up well. They truly stand out because of the contrast between the white diamonds and the yellow. While selecting a wedding band to go with your stone, consider combining silver and gold metals if you go all out.

Diamond Step-Cut Rings

Step-cut diamonds are square or rectangular stones with parallel facets on all four sides and resemble steps. It is predicted to be popular in 2023 for brides with minimalistic styles. "A step-cut diamond is favourite for a minimalist," the expert says. "Those with style who don't want a lot of flash will love the clean architectural lines."

Popular Metals for Engagement Rings in 2023

Precious metal rings, like those made of platinum and gold, have long been a favourite ring option. The most fashionable engagement ring trends for 2023 include the return of traditional gold hues and white-hued metals.

Platinum engagement rings are a notable option for 2023 fashions if you're looking for a ring that goes with everything. Platinum is a white-shined metal that complements any other jewellery and is extremely durable. Consider contemporary white gold engagement ring designs as a less expensive option than platinum.

In 2023, 14k white gold is anticipated to be the most sought-after metal for fashionable engagement rings.

Additionally, yellow gold is making a resurgence, with many contemporary looks showcasing this timeless metal. Yellow gold solitaire designs are stunning, with warmer diamonds mingling harmoniously with the smooth metal. Choose rose gold if you want the ring design to have even more romance.

New Trends in Men's Engagement Jewelry

Love can take many forms, and contemporary proposals frequently involve exchanging men's engagement rings between two people. Even though plain metal rings are still widely available, many wearers search for distinctive options that complement their styles. In 2023, men's engagement ring designs will keep changing; the newest styles will have channel-set solitaire diamonds, mixed metals, or finishes inspired by nature.

Couples can choose platinum, white, or yellow gold, the three most popular metals for 2023 engagement rings in men's styles. In 2023 and beyond, alternative metals like tungsten and tantalum will still be used to adorn men's hands.

Trends in Diamond Size

Although we take pride in providing certified diamonds in a broad range of sizes, it is anticipated that in 2023, all shapes surrounding the 2-carat size will be highly sought-after options. Almost any diamond shape makes 2-carat diamond rings a unique option. The most well-liked ring designs for 2023 include this carat weight right in the mix.

Trends in Diamond Size

Which Rings Are Popular Right Now?

Many ring designs in style well into 2023 are available today. Imagine settings with multiple gems, fancy-shaped diamonds, and stunning two-carat stones.

Which Types of Engagement Rings Will Be Trendy in 2023?

Among the hottest styles in 2023 are two-stone rings, hidden halo rings, and romantic rings. Numerous styles are available in platinum, rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold. In 2023, platinum and white gold will be the most popular metals for engagement rings, with yellow gold experiencing a resurgence in popular culture.

Which Shape Engagement Ring Will be Most Popular in 2023?

The most fashionable forms of engagement rings in 2023 will feature round, marquise, oval, pear, emerald diamonds, and two-stone settings.